Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not FIRST - WORST Birthday Ever

(This entry is out of time order. It messed up so I had to take it down and re-post.)

Everything conspired to make Ace's first birthday the WORST on record. First, he got strep throat THEN I caught it. It was so bad that we had to cancel his birthday party yesterday. Hilary and Leah were forbidden to come because they are very pregnant and the risk of a fever could cause pre-term labor, Pops couldn't come because he's already had throat problems this year, Uncle Patrick and Leann couldn't come because they don't have any sick time at work...the ONLY one who was ready and willing to come sick or not was MEME! We love our Meme.

But it get's worse. Much, much worse.

Ace woke up on his birthday with HIVES.

Look at his poor legs.
Those bumps started as little tiny red marks that I thought were mosquito bites. They spread throughout the entire day onto his back, hiny, face and thighs. By the end of they day, the only part not covered were the "family jewels."
It obviously doesn't itch because he is acting like an angel. He has his same, normal, smiley disposition and isn't lethargic or fussy. In the picture above he looks like he feels sick but really he's just watching Dora and is engrossed in the tv.
We had planned to go to Memorial City Mall and let him play on its play castle and eat his birthday cake. After discovering his hives, we stayed at home on the phone with the nurses and pediatrician to make sure we didn't have to hit the emergency room.
His bumps continued to grow and spread but we gave him some Benadryl according to the nurses' instructions. What didn't calm down was the excitement...
We sat down for dinner and Honey remarked that it looked like Ace was taking a poop. All you moms know what the "poop face" looks like. We had no idea how right she was.
Before I became a mom, these photos would have been gag-worthy, now they just elicit a big laugh. All of you with weak stomachs may not want to view.

We love our Aunt B sooo much. Ace pooped all over her and she just shrugged it off and got down to washing him off. Who knew such a little baby could deliver a poop of such gigantic proportions?


Anonymous said...

Well that certainly is a birthday to remember! Poor little man- he seems to be doing so well with everything- he has a big smile in all the pictures!

Meredith said...

That's hilarious! Sorry the birthday didn't go as planned. At least ACE still had fun...looks like he enjoyed his cake!