Thursday, July 17, 2008

Latest Favorite Photos

Here's a few of our latest favorite photos. I couldn't load all of them separately. (I will not go a month without blogging AGAIN!) He orange-overalls photo is Ace crying after we disciplined him! Yes, we've started discipline. He has been hitting me and screaming in public so we've had to devise a means of discipline. First, I smacked his hand. Then, I got a spatula and smacked his hand with that. THEN, I discovered that if I just took his hands and crossed them in front of him, it was MUCH worse in Ace's eyes than if I hit his hand. So, we get our hands crossed now whenever we do something wrong. After 3 hand-crossings, we get a spanking. He's only had about 3 spankings so far. I hate discipline. Being a mom is tough.