Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Protecting this fACE...

I've thought about making this blog "private" for some time now. I've gotten some weird comments from people I don't know in the past and have no idea how they came across our blog or why they'd be interested in looking at it or commenting on it.
In the interest of protecting our little man, I'll make this blog private on March 1st. That gives everyone an entire month to e-mail me or leave a comment if you want me to invite you to keep following our adventures. I'm just thinking that I'll never regret NOT making the blog private until something bad happens.

P.S. RE: the Bachelor last night...Syanara Megan. I think the turn off for him was that she sucked his face off at General Hospital. It sure made me gag. Lauren was hilarious - bossing him all about - but I don't think he got the joke. Poor Nikki. I hope she sees what she looked like on tv and develops some self respect. (I mean that in a caring way.) Stephanie is really sweet but he needs to let her go back to her daughter...I just don't see it happening with them and I want a happy ending for her...not another Bachelor breakup.

My prediction as of now is that it will be Molly and Melissa. (Jillian dropped out of the running last night for me with the whole "dude" thing.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I will laugh about this some day...

Last night, Ace and I were playing. All of a sudden, he dive-bombed his head into my right eye (the left one in the photo). He's done that plenty of times and I've become adept at dodging him but last night he got me. I just said, "Jonathan, take him" and held my face. At that point, I'd bit my lip too so it was bleeding. I went to the mirror and there was a HUGE, purple egg that had just popped right out!
Strangely enough, after all night with an ice pack, the bump moved from the outer corner of my eye to the inner corner.

I don't know what looks worse...my huge pores or my black eye. It should be fun to get my hair done today, to go to Waco on Thursday and Friday to meet with co-workers and clients and to see both the Gilliams and the Evans this weekend. Should I count how many comments it generates?
I told Jonathan to be extra-nice to me or I'll tell people we got in a fight. I'll post another picture if it gets any worse.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend

Acey and I drove to Dallas this weekend. He was the BEST passenger ever. He slept about 30 minutes of the 4 1/2 hour drive there and was totally content to entertain himself and watch Diego the rest of the time. On the way home he slept a little over an hour and happily watched Dora and read the rest of it. A few whines but NO tears. Sidenote: I finally figured out how to keep track of his pacifier in the car: I threaded his blanket through the loop on his pacifier so I could grab the blanket whenever he lost it!

We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Brookelyn and Braedyn. I thought I couldn't love them any more but the more they grow, the more I adore them. Too many cute memories to list. Saturday night, Ace and I headed to Mary Kathryn's house. She hosted the best Merry Thanksgiving to date!
(I couldn't make the photo bigger.) Dinner was wonderful, catching up was even better and our game of Loaded Questions MUST become a Merry Thanksgiving tradition. I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard. (MK, I'm on the hunt for black licorice jellybeans. None for Ruthie. Popcorn for Brittany and Shan, you would receive a can of roach spray in the mail if it weren't on the prohibited list.) I had the best time and was reminded of how much I treasure each of you. Sorry we had to hit the road before everyone woke up.

Thanks Aunt LeLe and MK for your hospitality. Can't wait for the next trip to Dallas.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes, I watched...

...The Bachelor
Monday's 2-hour episode was great. I was disappointed in my original choices: Molly and Naomi. Molly was the one who told Jason she was good at kissing...yikes...kind of desperate. Naomi spilled her heart and said she wanted to be friends first but then LAMELY asked if friends could kiss! These girls are gorgeous...what's with the desperate attempts to get a kiss. First impression rose recipient, Nikki, came across as the mother of the house. She needs to show her fun side...like Jillian. I thought she was cute and nice. I was indifferent to those he booted at the rose ceremony. I kind of felt the awkwardness during some of the conversations AND WHAT WAS WITH the Brazillian waiting for him in the car. She may as well just take that car back home after I saw his reaction! Can't wait for next week!

...American Idol
Ace was giggling and getting my attention during the premier last night but I still managed to watch most of it. I'm interested to see how far the bikini girl gets once she puts her clothes back on. (I'm just jealous of her perfect behind.) LOVED X-ray and his dance moves. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the 16-year-old who started the nursing home group. I loved the quality of her voice and will vote for her if she makes it that far. I was a little disappointed in the new judge. Whenever I could hear, I didn't hear her saying much. (Except when her pink-cowboy-hat-wearing biggest fan came in.) Did anyone notice that Paula REALLY got mad at Simon at one point where they had to blur out her middle finger. Yikes. The oil rig worker who san Boyz to Men is definitely one to watch. Too much to comment on.

I love TV!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ace's 2008 Yearbook

Here is a link to Ace's 2008 Yearbook!

There was a little snafu in ordering but hopefully it will come by the end of next week. For anyone that hasn't used Picaboo.com for photo books, I highly recomend it! The software is free. You can create huge books (this one is over 100 pages) and they have tons of great backgrounds. I would love the feature of stickers/ ribbons/ etc. but really, then I would have no life.

It's amazing to see how much he's changed from the January photos to the December ones. He's like a little sprout!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Huge Laugh

Leah sent this to me this afternoon and I can't quit laughing when I watch it. IT IS JONATHAN ALL OVER! Every time Jonathan changes a poopy diaper he says, "That was the WORST diaper ever." As if I don't clean poop every day.

I actually did some poop research today because Ace's has been BRIGHT GREEN. Turns out it was only the blue M&Ms he was eating. Phew and Pew!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bachelor Commentary

Yippee! Last night's Bachelor was good but the previews of the season were GREAT! What the mess...Deanna comes back?! Please, please Jason...do not accept her back. Let me disclaim all of these comments as my own opinion and remind everyone that I could never stand out on such a show because, according to Jonathan, I'm a wallflower.

I thought I saw Molly a lot in the previews and I like her...I'm thinking she may stay around awhile.

Naomi is the Eva Mendez look-alike. I think she's beautiful and seems really nice. I hope she stays around.

Adios to the Wedding Planner. She seemed super-cute and you've got to feel for a girl who plans everyone else's weddings but I think Jason had good intuition from her because she seemed a little immature to me.

Loved the Dental Hygenist but she was a little too informed on him and it came across a little strong. She's adorable though and I share her love of a good smile. Better keep her away from Jonathan.

The single mom who was voted for by all of the girls...she was a little to high on her Mommy horse for me. If he's looking for a kind-heart, I think her bleeped comment to the girls after the vote disqualifies her.

LOVED Stacia - the single mom that he didn't give a rose to. I bet she's a wallflower.

I think that the widow seems to have such a beautiful heart. She is so put together. I would love to be her friend.

Good first impression rose to Nikki. STUN-NING. Awesome dress. I didn't catch her in a lot of the previews so I'm wondering what happens to her.

That's my synopsis. No telling what will actually happen. I will have stronger opinions as the season goes on. LOVE the show. LOVE the new twist at the beginning of the girls voting - great way to stir the pot right at the start. Looks like he kisses a lot of girls. Saw several bath tub scenes. Why do I STILL love this show?????

He is definitely my favorite Bachelor to date.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Can we go back to 2008?

I can definitely tell it's a new year with Ace. Jonathan and I are ready to pull our hair out. Ace is trying to perfect his whine and it's driving us crazy.
Last night I discovered the reason that I married Jonathan. It was about 10:30pm and Ace woke up SCREAMING. I went up to rock him and he wouldn't quit screaming and crying. Jonathan came upstairs and told me to leave the room. I peeked through the crack in the door: Jonathan turned the lights on, put Ace on the floor and he immediately stopped screaming. Jonathan shut the lights off and had Ace back to sleep in less than 2 minutes!!!! I LOVE you handsome.

So if you hear whining, it's probably coming from our house. If it isn't Ace, it's me or Jonathan! But look at that face! Who could ever be frustrated by it, really?!
Today, he didn't want to go down for his afternoon nap so I was singing him every song in my repertoire. He outSUNG me! He threw in a "hup" (translation: help), "Chip," "Bigga," "B" (translation: Aunt Barby), "Monkey," and all sorts of other words. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. It made up for last night!