Monday, May 25, 2009

Favorite New Photos & Playtime

These are my three, new favorite photos. We took the top two this morning. We took Ace to the neighborhood pool. I got him some new shades because he kept saying, "Go away sun."

Ace decided he'd rather swing than swim. So Daddy obliged. Oh how this makes my heart melt.

Ace and I went outside yesterday to play with sidewalk chalk. It was all over his pants although you can barely tell from this photo. He told me to put away the camera. I said I would if he smile at me...
This is how we play. If you've watched ANY of our videos, you know Ace talks constantly. Here is a window into what he does every day.

People wonder how I am still working 40 hours a week with a two-year-old. I'm telling you. He has a big imagination and entertains himself. The other day, he told me his apple was a whale.


The Bailes said...

Such a cute video of him playing! Lea said he didn't realize that spiderman rode a horse :)