Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family Photos

We had our fantastic next-door neighbor take our family photos in June and I just got them yesterday. Her photography company is called Kadien & Company. These are just the ones we purchased - there were tons of others that we loved but the budget couldn't handle (you know, we needed a new big screen tv for upstairs because football season is starting soon...priorities!). The last photo is of our mantle where I put a framed copy of the three of us - our Little Bud is so beautiful!

Thank you Jennifer for re-touching the SWEAT off of our faces because it was HOT the morning we shot!


Ace has become enthralled with books. Mostly, he just likes to turn the pages back and forth. Thank you Jeanne for the Peek-a-boo Elmo book. It is his favorite.

Other favorites include: Peter Rabbit and How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight. I read him his toddler Bible, but he likes the sound of it more than the pictures.
We will just having to work our way up to sitting still and letting Mommy and Daddy actually read the books. In the meantime, turning pages is pretty entertaining.

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Driver for BAM

Gabby and Pops have decided that they new a new driver for the BAM (Big --- Motorhome). I'm not sure that Ace has the job but he has the horn-honking down pat...sorry Beddingfield neighbors.
His qualifications:
A loud voice to shout at other drivers on the road. (His daddy is, after all, Jonathan Evans: founder and daily instructor of the School for BackSeat Drivers.)
A GREAT smile which should negate the road rage that his shouting might provoke.

A built-in booster seat in the form of his Pops.
If he doesn't get this job, he always has being the motivational speaker gig to fall back on. Every time he speaks, he motivates me to be a better wife and mommy. =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Latest Favorite Photos

Here's a few of our latest favorite photos. I couldn't load all of them separately. (I will not go a month without blogging AGAIN!) He orange-overalls photo is Ace crying after we disciplined him! Yes, we've started discipline. He has been hitting me and screaming in public so we've had to devise a means of discipline. First, I smacked his hand. Then, I got a spatula and smacked his hand with that. THEN, I discovered that if I just took his hands and crossed them in front of him, it was MUCH worse in Ace's eyes than if I hit his hand. So, we get our hands crossed now whenever we do something wrong. After 3 hand-crossings, we get a spanking. He's only had about 3 spankings so far. I hate discipline. Being a mom is tough.

Whose kid is this?

Whose baby is this? Jonathan was absent on the day they handed out rhythm and I lost all of my moves after high school. We can't figure out where he learned to dance but it is HILARIOUS to watch. Watch for the knee-circle he does right before falling and once he gets back up, look how he dips low!

We were at Aunt Leah and Uncle Allen's house in San Antonio for Brookelyn's second birthday party.

All His New Things

Ace is doing soooo many new things. He is really in to pattycake and peekaboo right now. He TALKS and TALKS and TALKS but doesn't say anything. If only we knew what "bigga, bigga" meant, we'd have an idea of what he thinks about all the time. This video was made on the ride home from San Antonio last weekend in Ace's Aunt B's car. What a character!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Did anyone see Jesus today?

Did the rapture occur and I missed it?! I was just watching Fox News and this guy is on there suggesting that we introduce alcohol to our kids as young as age 4 so that they are more responsible drinkers when they get older!!!!! (I bet he works for a rehab facility that needs more business.) Can you imagine seeing a 4-year-old with a blankie in one hand and a sippie cup of beer or wine in the other? It is the most absurd thing I have heard (lately). I am speechless. Where is our world going? May the Lord protect our babies from the world that they are going to grow up in.