Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Wowser of a Weekend

Honey and Sashi came to Houston (yes, this makes 4 weekends in a row we've met up with them!) to be a part of Ace's T-Ball opening day festivities. They arrived on Thursday in time for baths, snuggles and bedtime. Yours truly had to work on Friday but the boys got in a round of golf while Honey shuttled everyone to and from school. Friday night, we visited Cy-Fest. We got there right as the gates opened and Ace got to ride everything he wanted and even got his face painted!

It was a fun time but we knew we couldn't stay too late because the T-Ball parade was to start EARLY on Saturday morning. Bright and early, at 7am, we met up with the Braves to load in their parade truck.
Ace's ears look hilarious in this pic. All his other teammates sported the same deformity because their ball-caps were too big. (Photo by Sashi.)
Lily Kate was over it all after a while. This is right before the big yawn.
Sunday morning, we rose early AGAIN to hit the strawberry patch right as it opened.
Lily Kate's first time a-picking.
Just like a pro.
Ace kept saying, "Oh my gosh, look at this one." Over and over and over. He would have picked the whole patch if we'd let him. He picked the "last one" about 20 times.
It's crazy to think the yellow in the center of this flower will be a red strawberry eventually.
Daddy-Son team with their pickings.
The cutest berry of them all.
After berry picking, we drove over to Kemah for lunch at Landry's. It was a beautiful day and we even got to watch a couple of fisherman catch some huge fish. Ace got to ride a few rides before the trip home.

Jonathan took this picture of Lily Kate watching Ace ride the merry-go-round. I just think it's so beautiful.

It was exhausting but what a time.

I have to congratulate myself because this post only contains 1% of the pictures I took!

Happy Birthday Ace!

Look who is four today!

I woke him up this morning by throwing balloons all over him. He smiled and said, "This is the best birthday I ever had." After I sang the birthday song, he kind of looked down at himself and then at me and asked, "Mommy am I four?" (It was like he was looking for a change in himself.)

When I dropped off his birthday cake, one of his teachers said he ran down the hall to the classroom, smiling and yelling, "Mrs. Coombs, I'm four today!" He's so excited. (Mommy is not. I've been very weepy today. Who knew four was a hard birthday?)

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ace had his first T-Ball game on Wednesday.
It was an awesome milestone and he had soooo much fun.
His team is the Braves (although he sometimes calls them the "Graves.")
Waiting in the dugout to bat.
His very FIRST at bat.
First run to first base.
(The parents on the team are awesome. I mean, this isn't even Ace's dad and look how excited he is!)
Who's on first???
Great form!
Sweet boy waiting his turn in the dugout.
Let's face it, outfielding isn't really that important in t-ball. Most all the work is done by the pitcher and first baseman...and anyone else that wants to run up to the infield.
I was warned that some kids are more interested in picking daisies and watching the clouds than actually playing. My kid is one of those.
Loved every minute of it. Took a zillion photos. Opening Day is tomorrow and I will have a trillion more pics to post. This is such a sweet time to watch him grow and learn team sports. I'm sad that the only thing left of my baby boy is his snuggles but he is becoming the most precious little boy in the world.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ace's "Taco-see-do"

Yesterday, Ace got fitted for his ringbearer tuxedo.
I tried to give him a serious talk on the way there in hopes that he'd behave. I told him he was going to get a tuxedo. He responded, "What's a taco-see-do?"
He was great while Steve (yes, we had to have proper introductions) measured every part of him.
He cooperated great. Steve even said that he was one of the better kids who have come in there. That was about 5 minutes before Ace let loose running all over the store.
Super handsome.
At some point, you give up discipline and get out the camera.
Can't wait to see him in the full taco-see-do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rodeo 2011

Rodeo 2011!!!!
Aunt B and Uncle James took us to the Rodeo yesterday and BOY did we have fun.
This year, we were all decked out. Hat, boots, belt buckle, leather vest, pearl buttons AND that was just Ace. At the last minute, on Thursday, Lily Kate and I ran to Hobby Lobby, bought some bandanas and some ribbon and slapped together a dress for her. Not too shabby.
She even got some compliments on it. And here are my two cowpokes ready to party.
Hey! Mommy does exist. Here's a picture of me and my little sherriff.

Sheer delight in the petting zoo. The same goat kept following B around the enclosure and eating out of their hands. Ace was mesmermized by a beautiful deer and loved the kangaroos.
I love Lily Kate's face in this photo. I thought she'd be a teenager before she'd start to look at me this way!
I rarely take pics that don't have people in them but this little chick was trying to peck out of his shell and my camera finally decided to cooperate. Isn't it amazing?
Only in Texas.
And Jonathan tried it.
He had a fried twinkie and a fried snickers. (Saturday is his cheat day. I'll give it to him. He's lost 15 pounds over the past month or so...that's 15 more than me.) He actually said they tasted terrible.
Ace threw a complete fit until he got to ride the ponies...and then threw an even worse one when he didn't get to ride a second time.
This picture encompasses B's battle with Lily Kate the entire rodeo...Lily Kate was gonna eat those diamonds on B's necklace if it was the last thing she did.
The best memory...Lily Kate decided she liked cotton candy...A LOT.

Thank you B and Uncle James. We had the best time.
Brad Paisley was an awesome concert. Ace fell asleep at the end and was so out of it in the car on the ride home that I had to hold his head against his carseat because it was flopping onto his chest in the most unnatural and uncomfortable way. Not Lily Kate, she was wide-eyed and bushy tailed even after leaving the stadium.

Today, we are all EXHAUSTED!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Visit from Pops and Gabby

Whose loved?
Ace and Lily Kate!
As if they didn't get enough attention last weekend in Dallas, Gabby and Pops came in this week and loved all OVER them. They took care of Ace soooo many times so that I could put in some extra hours towards the tax deadline and kept me company last night/ helped me with the kids while Jonathan went to the Rodeo.
I don't know who was more spoiled by their visit: Ace and Lily with kisses and attention or ME with extra time.

I never take for granted all of the help that I have with the kids and each moment that someone else is loving on them is just joy for me. My embarrassmet of riches in this department continues tomorrow when I take Ace to meet my mom so she can spend Spring Break with him.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sitting and Jabbering

Look who's sitting on her own?
I was a little nervous to let her sit alone on the stone floor but no heads were harmed in the taking of these photos.
This video doesn't even do her justice right now.
Lily Kate loves to blow through her lips and make motorboat noises. She thinks she's talking.
Tooth #2 is trying to poke through on the bottom making this little lady very fussy but we're gritting through it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Wolf! Great Fun!

We loaded up the car and went to Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend to spend some time with Honey, Sashi and the Bates.
Grapevine is about halfway to where the Bates live in Arkansas so it was a perfect meeting place and I mean PERFECT! This place was amazing.
Cousins! Braedyn (2), Brookelyn (4) and Ace (3).

Our little fam before we hit the water.
Such a typical Ace face.
Daddy and his mini-me.
Lily Kate showin' some shoulder in her Juicy bathing suit that Lele picked out.
Sometimes she liked it...
...sometimes she didn't.
Lookin' beautiful early in the morning.
She loves her big brother most...Daddy is second.
War of the dimples!
Yes, all three kids know how to operate an iPhone.
Soon to be all 4 kids.
Great Wolf had story time at the clock tower each evening. Ace was terrified yet obsessed with the moose.
Here he is, not sure how close he's going to get to the Moose.
Before we left, we had a small, early celebration of Ace's 4th birthday.

We seriously had the best time. I'm usually a wreck around the water but the lifeguards were great, the water park was safe (lifejackets provided), the rooms were super clean and the hotel itself was super cool. I want to make this an annual tradition.

Lily Kate and I stole away for a few minutes to celebrate the wedding of one of my dearest friends. (See Britt & Todd's blog linked to the right for pics) It was really special. I hope Lily has such special friends in her life when she grows older.

It was a quick trip but SOOOOOO "Great."