Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jus cus

I've just been feeling guilty for not updating the blog lately so here's random pictures off my camera. We've really been up to nothing. Went to Willies for Mother's Day. I just love his face in this photo...need to crop my yucky face out.
Tried to get Ace interested in his bike but he just wanted me to push him around on it. Doesn't matter, he looks super cute in his gear.
Ace started soccer on Monday - an hour of laughs.
Just loving lazy summer days. Too lazy to get out the camera even.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bye Bye Pacifier

Been gone from the blogging world WAY too long. Had to make it through busy season at work, plan Ace's birthday party (which I can hopefully blog about later) and went to Cancun for a week to recover. Came home from Mexico and we decided it was finally time to get rid of the pacifier.
I have been DREADING this moment for so long. I was SOOOO tired of random people (and some male family members) telling me that I need to get rid of the paci. Those people and men didn't offer any help, only their judgement of my parenting. Yes, I got bitter about it.
Had to make sure Ace understood exactly what we were doing...
Mommy, Lily Kate and Ace walking to Baby Braxton's house and waving at Daddy. (Yikes, can certainly see those extra 30 pounds on me!)
Knocking on his door.
The hand off. (Braxton is actually Nana's grandson - the lovely woman that takes care of Ace on Tuesdays and Thursdays for me.)
The reward!

The aftermath:

When we put Ace to bed that night, we had a meltdown. He said to give the bike back to the fairy! It was a difficult half hour full of tears but THANKFULLY that has been our only real hiccup so far. He's mentioned the paci a few times but we've ignored his comments and he's moved on to other things. I'm pretty impressed that that was his only meltdown. With the allergies of the past week, even I have wished for my OWN pacifier.

Now, everything ELSE has been going in his mouth. He chews on every toy he owns as if he's teething. Now all I dread is his reaction when Lily Kate comes home with a pacifier.

Sometimes, the anxiety is worse than the real thing.