Saturday, November 6, 2010


I was smiling to myself this morning thinking about nicknames.
Here are Bubs and Mims.
I call Ace a million things: Bubba, Fuzzy, Bubs, Mini-man, Handsome, Bumble Bee & Dude are a few of the more common ones right now. Ace and I call Lily Kate "Mimmies" or "Mims" and it's rubbing off on everyone despite how silly it sounds.
My dad is King of Nicknames. When I was growing up, I had soooo many: Linus Gremlin, Cookin' Kell the Blonde Bombshell, Rottin Poot Bangs & Roozie are the memorable ones. They each have a long story behind them and make me giggle when I think of them. Mom and Dad still call me Rooz.
My sister was: Lonely Leona & Sissy Hot Dog Rainbow.
Jonathan was called "Easy." Hmmmmmm.
For me, they evoke such love and fun even though you sometimes sound ridiculous. I'm laughing right now reading back over this! Did you have a fun nickname???