Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's impossible...

...that our little man is 3!!!
This is so sad but we've been so busy at work that we had to postpone his birthday party (time and date still to be determined) and we hadn't purchased his birthday present yet! So the only gift I had for him when he woke up was from his Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bill! Thank the Good Lord for their thoughtfulness!!!

Despite it being a work day, I tried really hard to make the most of his birthday.
At lunchtime, we took Gabby and Pop's giftcard to Target so he could buy anything he wanted.
It's frightening that he already knows the concept of paying with a card.

Of course, he wanted Monster Trucks. I swear I tried to entice him into other purchases but we ended up with Brutus and Predator. Check out the delight on his face.

Waiting for his cake. Is there any cuter face than this?

Ok people, I'm no cake decorator so no comments from the peanut gallery please. It sure tasted good though. It was four layers: two chocolate and two vanilla. It had vanilla frosting and pecans between the layers and the top is chocolate icing (which I tried to make look like dirt). We used the rest of the gift card from Gabby and Pops for the giant monster truck on top.

Happy Birthday Mini-Man. You are our best friend (if you haven't been around Ace lately, this is what he tells everyone).

Sunday, March 14, 2010


My little character...yup, those are his undies.
An apple a day...what can we say?
He is the source of all of our laughs and my happy heart.

Perfect Picking

Sorry for the lack of posts. Busy-season has taken up every spare minute of my day since February. I took off yesterday morning for some family fun. (Let me preface this story by saying, earlier that morning, Ace threw up on me three times and he said that strawberries would make him feel better.)
Here's the crew with empty buckets.
Picking took serious concentration and strength.
And even more strength to carry them all.
Look HOW beautiful! See the huge one? Ace and I hunted for "monsters" and these are the ones that we picked.
We had dosed him with Benadryl right before berry picking and this was the result...
We hopped over to Kemah after berry picking for lunch at Landry's. Ace slept through lunch in our laps, covered with Jonathan's hat. It was soooo much fun. We didn't pick enough though so we'll have to go back after we've munched through this batch.