Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st

Happy Halloween from ACENSTEIN!

We also got some Fall photos taken of Ace while we were having his Halloween photos taken.

The story of these photos is an awful one. The first go around, I was so sick that we had to leave before Ace could get his photo taken. I barely made it to the parking garage before losing my lunch. He spent the night at Aunt Barby's and we went again the next day...this time without the sickness. He screamed and kicked the entire time we were putting his costume on and we barely got any photos without puffy eyes and tears. Luckily, someone had left a pumpkin which was the ONLY thing that made Ace smile.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who is my candidate? (NOT a Rant)

I needed a brain-break so I went to to see who matched up with my political views. It was only 17 questions long and I came out with my top politician being John McCain by 65%. I actually matched up with Clinton 52% and Obama 49%. I took another one on and came out for John McCain.

All in all, I have to believe that both candidates want what's best for our country. ("Rant" a.k.a. Opinion ALERT) I can only expect that the world will continue on its path to God's kingdom no matter the election results - and I trust Him to be in charge more so than the US president.

Wee Wuns

Ace took his Honey, Aunt Hilary, cousins Aubrey and Brynley and Mommy to the Wee Wuns Fall Festival on Friday night. He dressed in his costume and loved himself some pumpkins.

Ace HATES wearing his costume for about the first 15 minutes. He screams when we put his Frankenpants on and wails when we lift his Frankenhead over his little head.
Luckily, he was distracted enough that we got his head on him although you can tell he resisted at first because his bolts are sagging - he pulls on them while wailing to have it taken off.

I love this photo. It's like he thinks he'll be able to roll those pumpkins right into his room. We got a pumpkin at the Farm on Saturday and it's waiting to be carved in our foyer. Every time we walk in the door, Ace pats the pumpkin hello.
Although the cousins aren't looking, Ace is giving an adorable face.
Ace loves Honey!

Ace got a Frankenstein tattoo while at the festival. The paci had to come out during the application process because he didn't quite understand what was happening. It had to be washed off that night because he thought it was a sticker and kept trying to eat it off his hand.

Does life get better than this? Watching Ace with his enthusiasm for even a temporary tattoo makes life so sweet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Think about it

I felt ordinary today until I read this...
All God's men are ordinary men made extraordinary by the matter He has given them.
(Oswald Chambers)

Dewberry Farm Fun

This will be on our Fall Fun List for years to come.

On Saturday, we went out to Dewberry Farm. It's only 20 minutes from the house and we spent almost 4 hours playing and eating and having the best time.
This slide was made of PVC pipe. Whoever came up with it so smart because the kids didn't slide too fast and the ride was bumpy enough to make them laugh.
No kidding, Ace chowed down on this huge sausage. It was super tasty and MESSY but my amazing husband managed to get all of the stains out in the laundry.
To say that Ace enjoyed the chicken show is an understatement. He could have sat watching it all day. I love this picture where he looks at his Daddy with a huge smile.
Great photo of Ace in the tube slide.
The farm provided wagons for the kids to ride around in. We could make these! They were just barrels cut in half with some wheels attached. Ace thought it was great.
Do you think he was having fun?
Jonathan was a good sport and rode the corn train with Ace.

Ace is still a dancer! Not sure if he'll be into hip hop, country line dancing or ballet. We need to get him some tap shoes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank you Honey & Sunny!

I walked to the mailbox with Mommy this afternoon and Honey sent me a Halloween gift!
Glow in the Dark big-boy undies and a spooky book. I'm convinced I can read.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Morning!

Life is a dance party for my little Ace. He was in an especially good mood this morning so I snapped some photos while he was busting a move. Always entertained by Hula. That's her head on the left.

He was running towards the camera to come get me in this one.
Toaster face...each time the toaster pops up Ace's waffles/ toaster sticks/ toast every morning he makes this face. It's like he's so excited to see what is coming out of the toaster. The toaster popped right as I was taking this photo!

I love my Acey.

P.S. Thanks Aunt B. for the Halloween t-shirt!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Favorite Videos

Cupcake Bandit

You have to watch until the end of this video to understand the title.

The Lollipop Kids

Aunt Minnie gave Brookelyn a Dum Dum so Ace HAD to have one. They started spinning (which I'm sure is dangerous) and got a little dizzy.

Horsey Ride

Ace had his first pony ride at a festival in Sachse on Saturday. If you are wondering what Leah and I are talking about...I stepped in horse poop during the ride. We were sooo dizzy after 15 minutes of walking in a circle with these ponies but the kids loved it.

Driveway Fun

Right before we left, Ace and Brookelyn played on the driveway and I had to upload this video because Brookelyn sends a shout out to her mommy at the end which just melts my heart.

"Rant" Alert - Politics This Time

I know I have been accused of "ranting" (Mom and Leah) on this blog. Please indulge me because I am home alone with an 18 month-old 90% of the time with no outlet except this blog for my "passionate" feelings (as Jonathan refers to them).

I just want to throw my hands up in frustration. Poor George Bush. Do people really think he is single-handedly responsible for everything bad in the world (911, Hurricane's Katrina, Rita, Ike, the economic meltdown, etc). Has everyone forgotten that the Congress is democratic?! I don't think the man is perfect but give me a BREAK!

Frankly, I adhere to a t-shirt I almost bought for Ace that says "Obama bin lyin'." A tax cut for 95% of taxpayers...maybe because they will lose their jobs under his economic plans. I don't think McCain is perfect (Huckabee for president!) but Obama is soooo inexperienced. Did anyone see SNL on Thursday? The Obama impersonater has not gotten his due because Tina Fey's Palin has overshadowed him (equally hilarious).

P.S. Instead of the "Obama bin lyin" t-shirt, I'm ordering one with a photo of John McCain, Obama and Hilary that says "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (in that order). Yes, Ace will be going to the polls with his Mommy. He will vote Weepublican.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jonathan's Post

I e-mailed Jonathan this morning asking him where the tv remote was for my office tv. I remembered Ace getting ahold of it last night and since Jonathan babysat yesterday evening I thought he may have seen it. No luck. Round about lunchtime today I got frustrated not having the remote and went on a hunt. I thought, "Ok, I'm Ace. Where would I have taken the remote?" I went straight to Hula's crate and...

Does Mommy know her baby boy or what?! Ace is OBSESSED with Hula and that is not an overstatement. He will NOT leave her alone. We are to the point that we are a little concerned that she will reach a snapping point but, so far, she has given us no sign of it. We just think, "if he did that to us we would swat him!" Poor Hula. At least she's not suffering from a lack of attention.

I e-mailed Jonathan telling him I found the remote and he said "You should put that on the blog." His wish is my command.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You Judge

Our Honey sent us these photos about two months ago and I'm just now getting around to looking at them and uploading them.
She thought that Ace looked like me in this photo.

I think it's just the eyes.
I think the looks have improved with the next generation!