Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Favorite Videos

Cupcake Bandit

You have to watch until the end of this video to understand the title.

The Lollipop Kids

Aunt Minnie gave Brookelyn a Dum Dum so Ace HAD to have one. They started spinning (which I'm sure is dangerous) and got a little dizzy.

Horsey Ride

Ace had his first pony ride at a festival in Sachse on Saturday. If you are wondering what Leah and I are talking about...I stepped in horse poop during the ride. We were sooo dizzy after 15 minutes of walking in a circle with these ponies but the kids loved it.

Driveway Fun

Right before we left, Ace and Brookelyn played on the driveway and I had to upload this video because Brookelyn sends a shout out to her mommy at the end which just melts my heart.


smithec said...

these videos are adorable Kelly - I especially love the cupcake one with Ace's precious little voice. So cute!

Kim and Eric said...

Kelly, your son is precious! Love the videos! It was great seeing you and meeting your sister-in-law on Thursday night at the sale. Hope you found some good things. Kim