Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You Judge

Our Honey sent us these photos about two months ago and I'm just now getting around to looking at them and uploading them.
She thought that Ace looked like me in this photo.

I think it's just the eyes.
I think the looks have improved with the next generation!


The Bates Family said...

I have to confess, when I read the title, "You Judge" I thought, oh no--another Kelly rant about the presidential election or Jesus. But, I was pleasantly suprised by an adorable little ACE, who does look an awful lot like his mommy! Kisses!

Dave and Tara Harris said...

That is crazy. I totally see you in Ace. How cute!!!

Teapot said...

So cute!

The Bailes said...

ACE is so cute! Your face is definitely more narrow...but there are some similarities. He looks more manly, of course! ;)