Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Kids

K. I will repeat for the thousandth time that, if they never say anything else of me, I hope my kids say that they know they are loved and adored.  I love hearing from school that they can tell Ace and Lily Kate are siblings because their friendly/ snuggly personalities are similar.
 Ace is SUCH a great big brother lately.  Lily Kate has many "unreasonable" moments and he helps me try to calm her down in a million different ways.  He will show her videos on my phone when she's irate.
 Not that this princess EVER gets irate.
(Funny story about this outfit.  We decided to take an Easter treat to our neighbors right before the holiday.  This is how Lily Kate was dressed.  We had never met them before.  What's even better is that the only pair of clean bloomers I had were brown with white polka dots...and the size is 12 month so she looked more like an "adult" snow white with poopy-colored britches.)
Personality trumps all people!
Ace is in TBall for the second time.  We are really proud of how he's doing.  As a parent, you never want to have the whiney kid, or the one that's picking flowers, or the one that eats dirt.  Well, we went through all that last year so we could only go up, right?  He still has his moments (not eating dirt though, thank goodness) but he's making it around the bases and making some clutch plays.
Nothing beats these two in my book. 
Let me take a moment to give Jonathan some props.  He has taken on more than his share this past tax season and I'm really thankful for every bath he's given these two, every poopy blow-out he's changed and every bedtime he's handled.  He's come a long way from our early parenting days.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lily Fits

Our tax software is undergoing an update so I am taking my 5 free minutes to share something that makes me laugh. Lily Kate throws the MOST hilarious fits. Typically, they start if someone tells her no. If you aren't around her very much, you may think that someone is amputating one of her limbs but NOPE...just a tantrum

I closed the door to the bathroom that she wanted to go into.

Fit Phase 1: Throw yourself on the ground.

Phase 2: Wallow and scoot around. Yes, this has happened on the floor at Walmart, restaurants and even (gasp) a public restroom. It's amazing she hasn't contracted a disease.
Phase 3: Look around to see if anyone is watching.

Phase 4: See if watcher is going to give you what you want.

Phase 5: Now that I have your attention, I will try and lure you to give me what I want with a smile.

Phase 6: You will?

Yep. She pretty much gets everything she wants.