Thursday, April 30, 2009


That's what Ace calls it.
Chocolate with "mellows" and Founders' Favorite.

We'll be getting ready for dinner or piddling around the kitchen and he'll say,
"I want I-cream."
How quickly they learn!
He ate from both. I got over it.
Even Jonathan doesn't get a share of my ice cream.
I wonder if Ace knows how special he is to Mommy.
Yummy Cold Stone date.
Definitely a do-over.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Most fun ever - for $2

All my bloggin' buddies have flown kites with their kids so I splurged on a $2 kite from Walmart and it was windy enough to get it out this past weekend. I have to flew great.
Ace was in a state of sheer delight.
He kept trying to catch it.
He also kept running TOWARD the kite, which meant it kept falling.
Daddy got in on the fun.
Such fun.
Ace was actually flying the kite when I took the above picture. Walmart really made those things so that the little ones could do it. Every time he got it flying good, he'd let go which meant the kite went flying across the park and I had to go running after it. Mucho exercise.

"More time." That's what he says when he wants more.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sitting in the Lap of Luxury!

I have been the luckiest dog in the park for the past two years to work from home. That means 8+ hour days. For the first 3 months that meant working from the living room sofa of our rent house with a computer (and Ace) on my lap. For the next year, that meant sitting on this stool...
...and using what is now one of our bedside tables (a secretary desk that is about 3 feet long) as my desk. In October (I think), we had saved up enough for my new, WONDERFUL desk which I posted in an earlier blog-post. I graduated from my stool to this folding chair...
It didn't really bother me until one of my bosses came to Houston last month and she had to sit in my folding chair....Now introducing, the savior of my back and behind...
Thank you PBH!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Everyday

So here is some insight to our everyday...

Mommy talking to Ace and him ignoring her and watching tv (with a cute comment sprinkled here and there).

Lunchtime with Ace. He likes to pull whatever he's eating apart (hence the mutilated grilled cheese sandwich). This is the first time (and only, so far) that I let him eat his lunch at the table Honey bought him for Christmas (which we could not live without).

You can tell that he needs me not. He's very independent.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ace's Faces

Here are Ace's latest faces...

Awful quality, I know. I had to sneak upstairs and take this picture from around a corner. He was lounging in his puppy dog chair, eating his waffle and watching tv. It was cracking me up.
This is post melt-down (because there were no free swings at the Easter egg hunt).
How quickly his moods change.
Total focus.
Eating his egg-hunt treasure during the hunt.
In the fire truck at the egg-hunt.
He told the fireman he wanted to put on his seat belt.
This is the first time I've ever let him lick a spoon! Shame on me.
Our ode to Passover:
Grape juice - wine/ blood of Christ
Celery - bitter herbs/ harshness of Jewish Eqyptian slavery
Almonds - represents mortar for Eqyptian storehouses
Bread - body of Christ
Eggs (in Ace's hand) - temple sacrifice

NO, we aren't Jewish and didn't consider it a Seder. I just wanted a meal that reminded us of Christ, his sacrifice and deliverance from our sin. No lamb in the stores and our bread was moldy! I'll try better next year.
Ace loved the celery and almonds.
A more worldly Easter treat...PEEPS! Obviously they were a hit.
Lounging on the ottoman, eating his waffles.

I love every face!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches fro the trees and spread them on the road.
The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted...

"Hosanna to the Son of David!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Hosanna in he highest!"

Today we remembered the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in our own way. Hosanna means "save now" - a cry of praise or adoration should in recognition of the messiahship of Jesus. It sounds so sweet coming from little lips.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Invite

I almost forgot to post a photo of the invitation. (I whited-out our address because of internet weirdos.) I thought it turned out great.

I got some parchment paper from Walmart and used Word(R) and Clip Art for the wording. I initially burned the edges in the house but Jonathan kicked me into the garage. I got the brads at Hobby Lobby because it was supposed to be a tacked-up Wanted Poster. They got a little un-level at the bottom on this one because of the way I burned it. There were several invitation casualties along the way.

Our Cowboy Turned 2!

Our Buckaroo is TWO!
Ace had a birthday party on Saturday...the COLDEST day of the year so far! We had been praying that it wouldn't rain on the day of his party but we forgot to pray for warmth. It's Houston! Usually warmth and humidity is a given. We set up the tables, bounce house and horses across the street in the green area but about 30 minutes into the party, the GUESTS helped us move everything but the ponies into our back yard where the fence ad house blocked most of the wind.
Ace wasn't going anywhere. I purposefully got 4 horses because I knew he wouldn't share just one or two. We had them for two hours and Ace rode ALL of the two hours. We couldn't get him off unless it was to switch to another pony: Blaze, Jack, Outlaw and Sunshine.
It was so cold. At first, he didn't want mittens. Finally, I think he was so frozen, he gave in. That's why he's got on his winter gear!
When we finally had to really say goodbye to the ponies, the above picture was Ace's reaction. Bye, bye ponies - in tears. The horse lady was so nice, she took the pony out of the carousel and let Ace ride it across the street and into the backyard so that he arrived to his party in STYLE! How nice is that?
I couldn't decide whether to have a sherriff's badge or a cowboy hat for his party - so he got both. The badge was vanill and the hat was chocolate. Both were delicious. I love the photo above because it shows Ace's hand reaching to get into it...just like his mommy!
These were the favors we made for our party guests.
We had the best time and were so glad that so many family and friends could be there. Honey and B - I need your pictures because these are about the extent of mine! He had the best birthday and loves all of his new presents. I'll have to post what they are so that other moms can have some great ideas. He's really gotten into all of them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've finally picked a favorite on American Idol...


I know that Adam Lambert is mad-talented. I KNOW that Danny Golhke has a heart wrenching story and a heart-touching voice. I know that Lil' sings incredibly. Maybe if they were in another season they'd win, no contest. But I like the Arkansas boy! He's not the crowd favorite that the other guys are...but I think he's coming up.

Ain't No Sunshine was awesome. He sang Garth Brooks and didn't sound karaoke! Love him. There - I picked.