Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thanks Gabby and Pops!

Thanks Gabby and Pops for taking care of Ace while I ran back to Waco for the day. And double-thank you for staying in town so that Jonathan and I could celebrate Valentine's at the Melting Pot.
Ace says "Hurry back" because he had fun with ya'll, Aubrey and Aunt Hilary at Gymboree AND he's ready for another Chik-Fil-A sandwich.

Community of Faith

So, the other day, we came home from church and I went to change Ace's diaper. I giggled when I saw that the nursery ladies had changed his diaper and given him a "Jesus Loves" sticker. They also put his diaper on backward but, from experience I'm sure it was because he was crawling off in the process.

San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind

Ace supports his Sunny! Sunny works for the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Ace is showing his spirit. Before long, he will be running around the plant. He's not walking yet but if he's mad enough, he'll let you hold his hands and he'll walk to you so you will hold him.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recipes to Share

I've found some easy, CHEAP quick-fix meals that Jonathan likes! We have rediscovered pizza dough in the Walmart section where the cinnamon and bread rolls are. Here's two recipes:

Pizza Roll:
1 roll of pizza dough
1/2 lb lean ground beef
your favorite marinara
shredded mozarella

Roll pizza dough out onto a cookie sheet.
Spread beef and mozzarella over the uncooked dough.
Take the longest edge and start rolling, lengthwise. (Don't roll from the short end or you'll have a really fat, raw pizza mess.)
Cook at 350 for 25 minutes or until brown on top.
Dip into marinara!

Black Bean Pizza:
1 roll of pizza dough
1 or two cans of black beans (I put these into the food processor until mushy)
Mexican shredded cheese
Chicken fajita meat (we buy this in a bag at Walmart)

Roll pizza dough onto a cookie sheet and follow package directions for cooking.
Once browned, spread onto pizza dough.
Sprinkle with chicken then with cheese.
Put under the broiler for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.
Jonathan liked it with guacamole on top.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Latest thing

Ace's latest thing is to blow through his lips. If I pretend to know what he's thinking, here's the conversation...I say "Ace, did you know that Daddy is the smartest, most handsome, perfect daddy in the world." Ace replies...

Happy Valentine's Day

It is heart-shaped so I couldn't resist.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Day at the Park

Since this weekend was so beautiful. We spent some extra time walking around the neighborhood. Ace played on the playground and in the park across the street. He discovered grass.

Loves his daddy

The other morning, Ace wanted to play with his daddy's picture. We've taken pictures of some of the family and they are making their "sign" in an attempt to teach Ace baby sign language. Ace saw Jonathan's sign language picture and carried it downstairs.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Credit where it's due...

I have to dedicate a post to Jonathan - Yesterday I was really convinced that I was going to expire from a sinus headache and he came home from work to take care of Ace and me. He brought me chicken soup and orange juice and let me take a 3-hour nap! He watched the entire Veggietales and Baby Einstein DVD with Ace (praiseworthy in and of itself). He played with Ace and kept him quiet so I could sleep. So I take back any comment I ever made about needing "a wife" because my husband is doing a really good job!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Better" Business Bureau

Ok, this is the last that I will ever speak about our flooring saga. We got the status letter from the Better Business Bureau in the mail last night. It said that they had reviewed the facts of our case and closed it. I am so, so disappointed - not about the money because it was only ever going to be a bonus if we got that back - I'm just so disappointed that a business is allowed to treat people like they treated us -being belittled, taken advantage of and just feeling the way that guy made me feel. I guess this is the Lord saying "Kelly, I'm the judge, not you, and I decide the measure of everyone and what lessons they learn." Gosh that's a hard lesson to swallow. I want to do so many things: take them to small claims court, write the owner a letter telling him how little I think of him or post something on this blog now that I know it can come up in a search engine. But, I am promising myself that this little post is the last of it and the venting, anger, disappointment and frustration about this stops at this period.

Naked Crawling

There's nothing cuter than Ace's naked hiny. I dare you to disagree!

This week for Ace

Here's a little of what Ace was up to this week...

Bathtime fun...
Gabby and Pops came to see him on Monday...

Lots of naked crawling around...

And finding lots to chew on.

Little Gym Experience

Ace went for a trial class at The Little Gym. His entourage included Mama, Honey and Aunt B. He was the youngest at the class but held his own. His favorite was being spun in the parachute and he liked the jingle bells that the teacher brought out at the end. After 45 minutes, Mommy was TOTALLY exhausted and Ace was pretty tuckered too.