Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Better" Business Bureau

Ok, this is the last that I will ever speak about our flooring saga. We got the status letter from the Better Business Bureau in the mail last night. It said that they had reviewed the facts of our case and closed it. I am so, so disappointed - not about the money because it was only ever going to be a bonus if we got that back - I'm just so disappointed that a business is allowed to treat people like they treated us -being belittled, taken advantage of and just feeling the way that guy made me feel. I guess this is the Lord saying "Kelly, I'm the judge, not you, and I decide the measure of everyone and what lessons they learn." Gosh that's a hard lesson to swallow. I want to do so many things: take them to small claims court, write the owner a letter telling him how little I think of him or post something on this blog now that I know it can come up in a search engine. But, I am promising myself that this little post is the last of it and the venting, anger, disappointment and frustration about this stops at this period.