Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A new obsession.
I confess, I spent the money on Adobe Photoshop...and now I'm so mad at myself!  First off, i will temper this with the fact that my Photoshop software is on a 3-year old computer that already holds a huge QuickBooks file so the thing is starved for memory and runs painfully slow.  It takes about 10 minutes to even get the software up and then it takes a long time to open pictures and doctor them. They look great but it takes forever.

I randomly looked for a free alternative and found iPiccy.

It's FREE. You don't even have to enter an email address. Still wondering what the catch is.

Original Photo
Blur effect only
You can whiten teeth, change lip color, brighten eyes and do all sorts of cool things.  I'm sure Photoshop is more professional but this amature is SOOOOOO excited for a quick-edit, FREE way to pretend I know how to edit pictures.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Look Whooooo Turned Two

Blog frustration. I've been trying to upload these photos FOREVER. They froze and then they got all out of order. So here are the first round of photos that didn't freeze in whatever order they worked!
Chocolate-dipped oreo and rice krispie owls.
 The concensus was that the chocolate-dipped oreo owls looked more like Gonzo. Oh well, they tasted good.
 I am obsessed with the Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle (see blog link).  I used her cookie and royal icing recipes and tips.  It was so much fun to make these. The acorn cookies did not taste as good as the recipe looked: nutter butters and hershey kisses.
Decorations =)
More decor fun.
Brittany brought her Cameo and helped me make the banner and all of the little owls.  Oooooh made me want one so bad! Thanks Brit for all of your cutting, punching and patience.
I kind of went Pom Pom crazy. I've taken them all down and am going to hang them from the ceiling in Lily Kate's room.
Close up.
Table decor

Cookies. Mmmmmm.
I'll post more when Blogger cooperates.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Personality and THEN Some

Some days, I do not know WHERE these two kids came from.
They crack me up on an hourly basis...which isn't good for disciplining them.
 Here's some shots after bathtime the other night when I wrapped them in their towels where their arms couldn't move.  Doesn't that just make you want to DANCE ON THE FIREPLACE? Well, it did them. Can't believe there was no injury.
 But with this smile...
 ...and this face...
Mommy just can't resist them.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Deserted my Blog

Ok, so I've deserted my blog. Here's a smattering of photos to make up for it...
Who wants to sleep in a nice bunk bed? Not Ace.  More likely than not, I go in to wake him up from a nap and find him on the floor, having made a pallet.
 They are getting along because they (a) don't have to share a pillow and (b) 'cus Lily's got the tv and Ace has the iphone.
 5 mins of lovin'...because undoubtedly it doesn't last.
 Somebody LOVES her some swimming!  She's gone from crawling up to the top of our heads to avoid putting any part of herself in the water, to jumping off the poolside into our arms.
 Doing his first chore: putting away the silverware.  And it only cost me 5 cents! (He's real in to nickels.)
 She REFUSED to sit in her highchair for lunch today and was very happy when Mommy caved.
 This poor monkey takes a beating.  Lily and Ace love to pounce on it.
And what's up with us?  Work, work, yard work, carpool, work, sleep and work.  Add a few naps in there too and that's the whole of it.  Summer is lazy and we like it that way.  Jonathan's trying to teach Ace to swim and we are armed with Sea World/ Aquatica season passes.  Lily Kate is repeating EVERYTHING we say and getting too smart for her britches.  Jonathan is training for a marathon in November and trying to talk me into the half...which he won't do...but maybe I should because we also started "Summer Cookie Weekends" where Ace gets to pick a cookie to bake each weekend.
Lunch hour is over now. Back to it.