Thursday, August 30, 2012

Albert Carey

Albert Carey Fortenberry
(June 22, 1914 - August 25, 2012)
When we thought of names for Ace,
There's a few that we explored.
He's named for his great grandpa,
Who has just gone to the Lord.
Though all will miss his smile,
We are glad his pain is gone,
Grateful for the memories we have
And that his name goes on.

The other night as we laid down,
Before our prayers could start,
Ace asked if while in Heaven,
Grandpa still lived in his heart.

Right you are My Ace,
And I bet that he bends double,
To see that it's his name we call,
Each time you get in trouble!

I no longer like backpacks

...but I do like iPiccy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day, Straight from Ace

This interview was painful. Not much of it's true.
But here's the story, straight from the source, right from Ace to you. 

Ok, Ace. Tell  me all about your day. I know you started with Playdoh.
I played with blue Playdoh.
No, yours was yellow.
No, it was BLUE. Write blue.
Fine, then what.
We went on the playground.  Then we ate snacks. Then we went to the cafeteria. So we ate lunch. I had my Spiderman lunchbox. All of my friends had Spiderman lunchboxes. Landon did. Landon had a Spiderman backpack. Then I got a new backpack. Then someone just pushed me out the Kegan.
So you played with Playdoh at the beginning and then what did Mrs. Gott say?
Criss Cross applesause, hands in your lap.  Then we played.  I played cars. I played robots.  I played fighting, played defeating, played weapons.  Then we read a story.
What story?
That story. (The same Night Before Kindergarten storybook that Honey bought him.)
So...The End...Happily Ever After.
Did Mrs. Gott teach you anything?
No she didn't teach me anything...I sat on the letter...What's your favorite letter?
I sat on the letter K.
Did you talk to anyone? You sat across from a nice boy named Isaiah.
There were TWO Isaiahs. They hit me.
So do you want to go back tomorrow?

Guess I'll have to bribe him, if I want some more details,
I'll be sure to fill you in, if what I do prevails!

First Day of Kindergarten

Today arrived, despite all that I tried.
And I will admit, I cried and cried.
 He woke up at six with bright, lively eyes ,
Honey saw him off, a special surprise.
 Mom held him tight with a big broken heart,
Before she was ready, school had to start.
 One family pic, the best we could do,
If you have kids, this has happened to you.
A smile I'll treasure, the cutest of all.
If only I could always keep him this small.
 A walk down the hallway, to wait for the bell.
Nobody told me that Kinder was hell. (Sorry it rhymes.)
 It rang and he's off, to learn and be taught,
Here he is with his teacher, Lord bless her, Mrs. Gott.
 A blessing: a friend in his class from our gym,
With playdoh in hand, it was time to begin.
Time to pick up approached and my interest grew greater,
I asked of his day and with NERVE he said, "Later!!!!!"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

St. Mark's Early Learning Center

Today Lily met her new class,
Mommy prayed that she wouldn't sass,
The toys were cool,
She liked her new school,
Its test, I'd say, it did pass.
 My thoughts were quite mistaken,
That a good pic could be taken,
I tried from every angle,
Until Lily I could STRANGLE,
But she messed and played unshaken.
Here's a photo of her room,
Behind, maybe her Groom?
Her sub and her teacher,
Think if I beseech her...
Lily will crawl back into the womb???
Her dimples are a tease,
Mommy begs her "please",
But she tells me no,
To the hundredth photo,
 Or gives me this awful cheese!
For photos I'm determind and bound,
Even when she stares at the ground,
But I've got to record,
Even though she's quite bored,
And would rather be running around.
 This Mommy tries and tries,
I bribe with treats and fries,
But it's a simple fact,
That any item can distract,
Or the SUN glares in their eyes!
So, I think, here Lils will thrive,
It's her school til she turns five,
She'll play and she'll learn,
I need not concern,
Let's hope her teachers survive!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Country Fun

Country Fun
We are learning real quick over here,
Country livin' sometimes is queer,
 Like last night we were out,
 Just messin' about,
 Spreading some corn for the deer.
 (Or rather, we threw it all over ourselves and the deer came later.)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Saturday

Yesterday was Jonathan's company picnic.
We started out at the face painting and Ace was painted like an Angry Bird.
The clown asked if Lily wanted her face painted and I immediately said, "No. She's a little shy." The clown turned to Lily Kate and said, "Do you want your face painted?" to which Lily replied, "Yes, please" and pranced her little hiney right up into the seat! She ended up with a painted bracelet and some blush.
 Everyone was serious about the BINGO except for us. It's kind of hard to play for real with two gremlins who keep clearing your board. 
 Jonathan got a craving for s'mores and I think he's started an obsession in our house.
 And saving some on the chin for later.
 "What did you give me that is STICKY?!"
 "Mmmmm, maybe I like sticky."
 And some for later on the cheek.
The countdown is 3 weeks until kindergarten. I am taking the day off to snuggle Lily Kate and mourn the end of Ace's days at home with me.  Oh, it's just the pits.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Photo Adjustments

As IF I could make this photo any cuter!
Now that it occurs to me, you may be wondering what in the world she is wearing.  Her birthday party had an owl theme and she's wearing her owl dress.  I made her a mask and she had a feather headband but those were thrown to the side fairly early on in the festivities.