Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Saturday

Yesterday was Jonathan's company picnic.
We started out at the face painting and Ace was painted like an Angry Bird.
The clown asked if Lily wanted her face painted and I immediately said, "No. She's a little shy." The clown turned to Lily Kate and said, "Do you want your face painted?" to which Lily replied, "Yes, please" and pranced her little hiney right up into the seat! She ended up with a painted bracelet and some blush.
 Everyone was serious about the BINGO except for us. It's kind of hard to play for real with two gremlins who keep clearing your board. 
 Jonathan got a craving for s'mores and I think he's started an obsession in our house.
 And saving some on the chin for later.
 "What did you give me that is STICKY?!"
 "Mmmmm, maybe I like sticky."
 And some for later on the cheek.
The countdown is 3 weeks until kindergarten. I am taking the day off to snuggle Lily Kate and mourn the end of Ace's days at home with me.  Oh, it's just the pits.