Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Today arrived, despite all that I tried.
And I will admit, I cried and cried.
 He woke up at six with bright, lively eyes ,
Honey saw him off, a special surprise.
 Mom held him tight with a big broken heart,
Before she was ready, school had to start.
 One family pic, the best we could do,
If you have kids, this has happened to you.
A smile I'll treasure, the cutest of all.
If only I could always keep him this small.
 A walk down the hallway, to wait for the bell.
Nobody told me that Kinder was hell. (Sorry it rhymes.)
 It rang and he's off, to learn and be taught,
Here he is with his teacher, Lord bless her, Mrs. Gott.
 A blessing: a friend in his class from our gym,
With playdoh in hand, it was time to begin.
Time to pick up approached and my interest grew greater,
I asked of his day and with NERVE he said, "Later!!!!!"