Thursday, August 23, 2012

St. Mark's Early Learning Center

Today Lily met her new class,
Mommy prayed that she wouldn't sass,
The toys were cool,
She liked her new school,
Its test, I'd say, it did pass.
 My thoughts were quite mistaken,
That a good pic could be taken,
I tried from every angle,
Until Lily I could STRANGLE,
But she messed and played unshaken.
Here's a photo of her room,
Behind, maybe her Groom?
Her sub and her teacher,
Think if I beseech her...
Lily will crawl back into the womb???
Her dimples are a tease,
Mommy begs her "please",
But she tells me no,
To the hundredth photo,
 Or gives me this awful cheese!
For photos I'm determind and bound,
Even when she stares at the ground,
But I've got to record,
Even though she's quite bored,
And would rather be running around.
 This Mommy tries and tries,
I bribe with treats and fries,
But it's a simple fact,
That any item can distract,
Or the SUN glares in their eyes!
So, I think, here Lils will thrive,
It's her school til she turns five,
She'll play and she'll learn,
I need not concern,
Let's hope her teachers survive!


The Bailes said...

You're so creative. I love your poems, Kel!