Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Fun

For Valentine's this year, Ace made a scavenger hunt for Daddy. He spent Friday night coloring the clues that we hid all over the house. He is putting together words like a champ. You'll hear him say "color picture" and "help" in this video. Some nights, all we do is "color picture." He goes straight to the coloring books when we go to the gym and once the ladies have it in hand, he runs over to where he knows the colors are waiting.

Then, on Saturday morning he gave Daddy his first clue. They searched all over the house for the others and the entire time, Ace was saying "clue, clue."

Ace is also saying "I play" pretty much as soon as he wakes up. Before naps and nightime, he has to sing the "Night, Night" song to EVERYONE and even some animals: peacock, tiger, puppy dog and hippo are the main ones. Lately, he will lay on the floor and then say "help" as if he's in trouble so I've started calling him "Wolfie" whenever he does that (like crying "Wolf"). Every morning he'll tell you he wants waffles. He will also tell you he wants milk AND juice. Yesterday, he told me that he had on a "green shirt" and, by golly, he actually did.

What a smartie! He is so lovable and snuggable. I can't remember what I did with all of this love before he came along.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol

I have to say...they put a lot of the season's more memorable singers in Group 1. I'm surprised that they didn't spread them out more. I LOVE Anoop (or however you spell it). He reminds me of an Arab-version of my brother-in-law. Don't ask me why (Leah)...

Alexis Grace was good. I was disappointed in the oil rig guy. I really liked the "Hick Town" singer and the last guy. It seemed the singers were either really good or really bad. Poor girls who sang The Police and Taylor Swift! Kudos to them for even getting up on that stage much less facing such criticism (and I'm sure the message boards will be pretty rough).

As I sang Ace to sleep tonight (Carrie Underwood's "Wheel of the World"), I am reminded why I will never subject myself to the humiliation machine that is American Idol.

Holy Bachelor!

What in the WORLD?! I did NOT forsee Jillian getting the boot. She seems all-around amazing. And what was that bubbling noise in the tub with Molly at the very end? Was Jason passing gas in the bubbles? And WHAT is Chris Harrison talking about in regards to the "After the Final Rose" special? Don't these producers know that I'm supposed to rejoice in the DAY the Lord has made and not wish for the next two weeks to fast forward so that I can see the outcome of this show?!?! This is madness.

It was awful watching the extended footage of Jillian and Jason in the hot tub. Ah, my eyes! I just saw awkwardness with Molly. I'm a little tired of his moaning over not meeting Melissa's parents.

That's enough rant from me.
Good episode. Surprise ending and moan-worthy sneak peaks!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You've been waiting!

I know that it's been SO long since I've posted pictures of the reason you REALLY check this blog...Mr. ACE! Work has been REALLY busy and there's a lot going on around our house. These will have to tide you over.
Razorback fun at the neighborhood playground.
Still loving his little red car from his Aunt B and Uncle James on his first birthday.

We color EVERY DAY at the table that Honey and Sashi bought Ace for Christmas. This kid LOVES to color. He says it "COGOR." He even knows where the gym nursery keeps their coloring books and goes straight to them as soon as he gets inside the Kids' Club.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My DVR betrayed me last night...It only recorded the first hour of the Bachelor!!! I had to read the recap on ABC this morning!!! I got to see Jillian's home town date and it convinced me that she's the one who's got his heart. I also saw Molly's and a part of Naomi's. What is with the crazy parents this season???

I will prop my eyes open and watch no matter what from now DVR can no longer be trusted.