Friday, August 29, 2008

Our B is Turning 50!

Tomorrow our Aunt Barby is turning 50! So, Honey and Minnie (that's what we're going to call Aunt Leah...until Ace calls her something else) made a bunch of corsages and garters for all of Aunt B's coworkers. Ace played delivery man this morning. And re-decorater...he changed the location of all of the photos in her office.

He took charge of the office and charmed all of the ladies. After 45 minutes, he was EXHAUSTED and he konked on the way home. WE LOVE OUR AUNT B...all 50 years of her.


We are in the "permabruise" stage (at least, that's what our Aunt Hilary calls it). With bruises on his forehead from running head-on into the couch and chairs...
To bumps and scrapes on our knees from RUNNING all over the place...
Mommy HAD to devise a solution:
Don't judge me!

Bare Baby Booty

Who doesn't love a little, naked behind?! I love a LOT of it!

Sorry that the video stops on his little pieces. They're blurry anyways!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For Halloween Ace will be....


We were inspired for Ace to be Frankenstein this year because, when he started walking, he stuck his arms out for balance. His walking has already improved enough that his arms aren't in zombie-mode all the time but we thought Frankenstein would still be cool. I wanted to paint his face green and spray his hair black but after a trip to Sports Clips on Sunday (to correct the butcher job that Jonathan and I did earier this month) I am convinced that he won't sit still or allow me to do anything of the sort. Cross your fingers that the size comes in right. Although he turns 17 months on Friday, he's still wearing 12 month clothes in pretty much all brands. I guess now I have to find an outfit for the mother of Frankenstein!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Presidential Candidates

I'm determined to be an informed voter this year.

So I got on John McCain's website at lunchtime to read a little of what he's proposing and I started with his energy section. He has tons of ideas (most importantly I was looking for a promise to start exploration and drilling for oil which I feel that I never know what politicians will claim was or wasn't a promise). I went to Obama's website, to his energy section. I found nothing helpful to me. In my eyes, it all sounded like a bunch of lofty ideas. I'm a "how" say you're going to do something, tell me how. I'm practical and his ideas didn't sound practical to me: a windfall profits tax on oil companies...I thought that those were the only investments performing in the stock market! I feel like Obama's solution for everything is to tax something/ someone new. Another proposal was "save more oil than we currently import from the Middle East and Venezuela combined." Saving oil? Novel idea. No note as to implementation on that one. I guess we have to get out our oil piggy banks. His website said we could dig into the Federal oil reserve. I personally think that's irresponsible. Especially if we go to war with Iran any time soon because we won't be able to even get oil from them (which is where I think we get a lot of oil now...not sure).

I WILL say that Obama's website had a section on faith and John McCain's didn't. I'll have to read it again to give commentary but I was wishing that I could find something on John McCain's faith. Let me know if you've found something. I know that only Jesus can satisfy my quest for an electable leader but he's not running for president this I will continue to peruse the candidate websites and post my findings - as simple, small and uninformed as they may be!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A cowboy is born!

While making mischief in his room, Ace discovered his cowboy hat that his Aunt B and Uncle James bought for him way back at the end of Spring when we went to the rodeo. I had put it on his teddy bear because he wouldn't ever keep it on his head.

Now he's running all over and won't take it off!Official cowboy birthday: 8/13/2008!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Ace

He has his own language, personality and quirks. It is so funny to watch Ace every day to see what he's going to come up with next. As I was cleaning the kitchen the other day, he really got to talking so I walked around the counter to find him on the floor...just talking to himself.

I'm super thankful for a child who is happy just being on his own. Lately, I've caught him through the baby monitor in his play-yard, sitting astride his retro rocket, watching tv or talking to himself. He is just really content on the days that I'm working with him at home. Thoughts of a second baby (NOT announcing, just rambling) scare me to death because there is no possibility of another baby who behaves like Ace while I work. Even thoughts of potty-training Ace make me wonder how I'll ever work in eight hours on those days. I keep telling myself that, if I can get through these first growing years, it will be worth it to have a career on the other side of potty training and toddler-hood. I'm daily thankful to be working at home. Enough of my rambling. Here are some more adorable pics.

Ace got stuck in Hula's bowls.

His shirt says it all!

Not a Piece of CAKE!

These adorable, yummy cupcake bites have been the bane of my existence for the past two days! In my daily visits to my favorite blogs, I saw that EmTall had made some beautiful bites. I visited the website she got the recipe from and it sounded SOOO easy. It called for one 13x9 cake and an entire container of frosting. Combining the two turned my cake back to cake batter - "goopy mush" was how I was referring to it. 3 cakes later, I got the consistency I wanted and it was on to the coating. The candy melts weren't as smooth as I'd like them to have been but the TASTE was worth all of the work to get them to take shape. (Em - I want your secret as to how yours turned out so beautiful.) This is a first attempt. They went over so big at our small group that I will definitely make the recipe again.

Friday, August 8, 2008

We did WHAT?

We are trying to stretch the budget since we've traveled around so much this summer spending all of our money on gasoline so we attempted to CUT Ace's hair. I started out and then Jonathan took over. After Jonathan "thinned his hair out" I came back in and did a little cleaning up.

Not too bad a job if I do say so myself. I think we'll go buy a Flowbee with a 4-inch guard for next time. Here's a video of the haircut in progress. NO, I'm not crying, I'm laughing so hard there were tears.

If you think it looks bad, tell me later. Right now, we are proud of ourselves.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eduardo is Coming!

Eduardo is coming but, not to worry, Ace is ready. We went out this morning to the doctor and didn't even feel a single DROP! Ace's checkup went well: 50% percentile for height, 10% percentile for weight (skinny bones). I was really thinking he is tongue-tied but the doctor said if he is, it's so mild that we won't do anything until he grows a bit more. Thank you Lord for a healthy, happy baby.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Saying his name

I apologize in advance for my bouncy, video-taping. It's hard to get a running, toddler in your view-finder much less keep them in it. This is hilarious. Ace has started saying his name (yes, it sounds like the "A" word). He whispers it throughout this video but you have to listen closely.

Just like his daddy, he is more concerned with the tv remote than anything else.