Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Presidential Candidates

I'm determined to be an informed voter this year.

So I got on John McCain's website at lunchtime to read a little of what he's proposing and I started with his energy section. He has tons of ideas (most importantly I was looking for a promise to start exploration and drilling for oil which I feel that I never know what politicians will claim was or wasn't a promise). I went to Obama's website, to his energy section. I found nothing helpful to me. In my eyes, it all sounded like a bunch of lofty ideas. I'm a "how" say you're going to do something, tell me how. I'm practical and his ideas didn't sound practical to me: a windfall profits tax on oil companies...I thought that those were the only investments performing in the stock market! I feel like Obama's solution for everything is to tax something/ someone new. Another proposal was "save more oil than we currently import from the Middle East and Venezuela combined." Saving oil? Novel idea. No note as to implementation on that one. I guess we have to get out our oil piggy banks. His website said we could dig into the Federal oil reserve. I personally think that's irresponsible. Especially if we go to war with Iran any time soon because we won't be able to even get oil from them (which is where I think we get a lot of oil now...not sure).

I WILL say that Obama's website had a section on faith and John McCain's didn't. I'll have to read it again to give commentary but I was wishing that I could find something on John McCain's faith. Let me know if you've found something. I know that only Jesus can satisfy my quest for an electable leader but he's not running for president this I will continue to peruse the candidate websites and post my findings - as simple, small and uninformed as they may be!


Emily said...

Great post, Kel. I feel like this election is so discouraging. Ugh!