Sunday, January 15, 2012

Barely Here...

Well, I'm still alive...only barely. Just updating the blog to prove it.
Poor, poor neglected blog.

Let's see...what's on my plate?
Starting tax season, flag football, single-parenting, school, house selling, house hunting, mortgage shopping, budgeting, constant house cleaning for last minute showings, mommy duties (too many to list) know...the same things that are on EVERYONE's plate except I'm incapable of keeping all the balls in the air with grace.

So, if you find one of the balls I've dropped...well, I'd say return it to our home address but who KNOWS what that will be?! In the meantime, your prayers are coveted!

This is a big week. We have a house appraisal on Monday that determines if our current contract will go through or if we have to put the house BACK on the market. We will also find out if the house of our dreams is a possibility from the sellers and our mortgage lender.

Life is a roller coaster and I can only assume that my heart is aging by the milisecond. Thank goodness the Lord is driving this roller coaster or stress would surely have overcome me by now.