Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stinky & Sweet

Lily Kate has turned into the biggest mimick! She will parrot noises, copy faces and do anything her big brother does. Don't get me wrong, this little girl has a personality all her own but it is waaaaay fun trying to get her to duplicate whatever we want.

This is my FAVORITE face. I guess I was giving her a real enthusiastic smile one day and she liked it so much she tried it on her own. Now, whenever I do it she copies me and it's hilarious. (I also love how you can see all of her teeth in this picture.)

Not to be outshone. This jelly bean HAS to have his picture taken whenever his little sis is getting hers. So this is his sweet face during dinner last night.
I wish I had a dollar for every ounce of joy these faces give me...I could wipe out the national debt. Oh no, better stop before I get my soap box out. Too much AM radio for me lately.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Disney (Ace)

My fresh-faced, little man had such a GREAT time at Disney.

Here's a few of his smiles.

With Pluto on the cruiseboat.

With Sashi and Honey on Day 1 of our trip.
Doing his "sweet boy" pose on a throne on the boat.
(Thanks Lele for the awesome Woody costume.)

Brookelyn got buried and sculpted as a mermaid. Not to be left behind, Ace became a caterpiller (we kind of had no idea what other thing we could make him!).

He had this candy necklace eaten in no time flat.

Lookin cute.

We stayed at the All Star Movie Resort after we got off the cruise. This was a cute picture spot outside our hotel room.

I love these boys. This was the last picture we took at the parks as we left Epcot and headed to catch the bus and our airplane.

My Meme used to take us on fabulous trips before she passed away. This vacation was totally in her honor and I think she would relish how much fun we all had. The last night in our hotel, there was a Mickey Mouse cookie jar and cooking utensils in our room with a note from Meme. A perfect ending.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disney (Lily Kate)

Over 700 photos...

Here are a few of my favorites of Lily Kate.

At the airport, waiting to board the plane to Orlando.

At the hotel with Sashi and Honey. I think Lily Kate learned to wave on this trip and loved this picture that captured that.
My beautiful, beach baby.

Dressed like Tinkerbell in the Atrium of our cruiseboat.

With her eyepatch for Pirate Night on the boat.

We cracked up because Lily Kate wanted her leg propped everywhere she sat (highchairs and strollers). She takes after her Daddy and doesn't sit very ladylike.

She won the first heat of the diaper dash but lost in the final. Honey and Jonathan TOTALLY cheated by dragging food and jewelry down the race lanes - her two favorite things.

With Cinderella.

With Daddy in Animal Kingdom.

There are so many more photos of her that I love but these are the highlights. (A note about the hot-pink, flower headband...yes, she wore it a lot. I made it before the cruise and it had a Mickey silhouette in the middle and we certainly got our mileage out of it.)