Thursday, April 8, 2010

Man School?

Do boys have some unofficial man-school that they attend when mommies aren't looking that teach them these things?
Twice in the past week Ace has decided to walk around with no shorts or diaper. I've kept my calm (and just noted where his hiny's touched for later cleaning) and he's asked to put them back on within about 20 minutes. What phase is this?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter - The Risen Part

At least I know he can repeat the important part of Easter.

Nothing sweeter to my ears.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter - The Bunny Part

I go back and forth on Easter and we stick only to the true meaning of these holidays or is it harmless for Santa and the Easter Bunny to visit??? It's kind of misleading him on one hand: Christmas doesn't really culminate in presents and Easter is about an entire week of events not just the night the Bunny comes.

Luckily for Ace, I married Jonathan and his Daddy ensures that Mommy quits taking everything so seriously and making everything into a monumental, spiritual crossroads.

He followed some cascarones (thanks Honey because when I went to Walmart they had completely RUN OUT of plastic eggs!) to his presents. They were also out of baskets in case you were wondering why his gifts are in a wheelbarrow. (Couldn't get the video of him finding his gifts to upload...Arrrrgh.)
The Easter Bunny definitely scored big with his choices. My favorite was the alphabet flashcards. We've already been through them twice. Ace loved those little capsules that dissolve in water and turn into things. Here his is using his big imagination...
Here's (in my opinion) the best item in his Easter basket...after all, I am originally a Gilliam.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just because he's cute

We were cleaning out his closet and found some western toys. He loved this red bandana and kept calling it his "cape." He wore it like this for 10 minutes and turned around as his "cape" for about 2 hours.
Good bathtime smiling.
Headed to Easter service.
Too bad it was over 90 degrees and too hot for his jacket.
Check out his dimple!
He LOVES kisses.
Loving on his B.
When Ace was really little, we use to pray that he would keep his happy, laughing personality. He's got it in spades. (Lately he's started "ugly talking" which is pretty embarrassing. He'll tell people to "go home" and mumble mumbo-jumbo under his breath which you know isn't nice. But other than these moments, we are blessed to have such a happy kid.)