Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! You can no longer find my old blog comments about our flooring contractor by typing his name into a Google search. I should buy stock in Google with how fast they responded to Jonathan's request to remove our blog from their cache. We were just so stressed out that we'd be hit with a libel suit. I just don't know if saying he should rename his store to "I-will-wreck-your-house-and-blame-it-on-you Floors" constitutes the "truth" as he sees it. Anyway, I've already set up this blog so that search engines won't find it. So, Hula and I are going to bed tonight and sleeping a little easier knowing that we shouldn't be sued into a homeless shelter. If that doesn't teach me to keep my sarcastic remarks to myself, I don't know what will!!! Lesson learned. Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Bruise

It had to happen eventually and here it is. (See top left of forehead.)

Ace was playing under the kitchen table and hit his head on the leg of one of our kitchen chairs.

Luckily, we've already taken our photos for Valentines' Day!

Start of a new adventure!

Why a new blog? It's a long, dramatic story. Maybe you remember, I vented about our flooring contractor MONTHS ago. Turns out, whenever you typed his name into the Google search engine, it turned up my blog so anyone searching on him saw my nasty comments. His lawyer - yes, I said LAWYER - contacted me by phone the other day asking me to remove my post. I did so immediately. He e-mailed me yesterday to say that it was still pulling up on Google's search engine and that I needed to resolve the matter to avoid a LEGAL DISPUTE. I just deleted my entire blog in hopes it would go away. A lot of time devoted to researching the issue revealed that there really isn't anything I can do about the Google search results.
Mom called me this morning and gave me the number to a radio show that she listens to where they give free legal advice. So I called and actually got on the radio! The lawyer encouraged me to put my blog back up because the flooring contractor doesn't really have a good case against me. I am NOT putting my comments back up because revenge is the Lord's and now that I know search engines will find it, that's really what it would be.
So, beware what you blog. From now on, I am Mrs. Fuzzy Feelings and Ace's photographer.