Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time for School!

School time again and both the Evans kids couldn't be more excited.
Ace is in Mrs. Rickman's 1st grade class.
These two photos are from meet the teacher night.
 1st day obligatory photo. He was more excited about his new backpack than anything.
 Not a tear. Not a "Mommy will you stay." Nothing.
Not even a goodbye really. Just a smile and I will take it!
Lily Kate's teachers are Mrs. Hineline...
...and Mrs. Applebee.
 And she was MORE than ready to go to school today. I am in a panick because it's her first day in panties and I packed three changes of clothes just to be safe. My secret weapon is her dress. I told Lily Kate if she pee-peed on Dora (her undies have Dora on them) that she would have to take her dress off. She promised, "I not peep on Dora."
 And here is Lils with her first homework project. She wanted the brown girl (who am I to object? but I did laugh). She wanted pink hair and a "princess dress." The mouth had to be purple and she needed "ballet shoes." Bossy britches.
 I feel really fortunate with their teachers. Once again, the Lord takes care of this mommy.
Yeah for school!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lily Kate's Mermaid 3rd Birthday Party

Lily Kate turned THREE!
After not seeing her little girlfriends all summer, Lily was ready to party. The entire week leading up to it, all she could talk about was her party.
Once I saw these mermaid skirts, the theme was locked in.  It wasn't too hard to convince Lily Kate that she wanted a mermaid party. Sparkly, check. Costume, check. Girly, check. It fit all of her requirements.
She perfected her mermaid posing before everyone got there.
The spread: fruit, turkey & pb&j sandwiches for the kids, chicken salad for the adults...
...every kind of Goldfish we could find...
...more cake than 4 little girls could ever eat...
...oyster cookies (the pearls are sixlets)...
...marshmallows dipped in blue candy melts, graham cracker crumbs, plus a goldfish...
...jello and gummy octopi...these were the favorite...
One of EVERYTHING, please.
For games we "went fishing", put sea creature stickers on their goody bags, filled containers with sand and made a HUGE mess in Lily's room.  The girls decided it was time to open presents and steathily ripped into everything with the help of one sneaky older brother.
Cora, Lily Kate, Naomi and Maddie had a squealing, girly good time.
I guess I should have seen it coming but 3 years flew so fast. As all kids with older siblings, everyone ELSE thinks she's older...mostly because she talks sooooo much.  But in my mind and in her's when she's in the mood, she is still my baby.  It was a Happy Birthday.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Picnic Time

So, I haven't blogged in awhile but ya got to pick back up somewhere (and of course this blog is being weird and not letting me type correctly, grrrrr).  Today was the annual James Avery picnic. The kids played Bingo and ruled the playground. It was super hot so, after some BBQ (and a blow-out diaper courtesy of Miss Cuteness), we headed home for naps and AC.

Now it's pizza and pool-time. Finishing out the summer on a good note.