Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day, Straight from Ace

This interview was painful. Not much of it's true.
But here's the story, straight from the source, right from Ace to you. 

Ok, Ace. Tell  me all about your day. I know you started with Playdoh.
I played with blue Playdoh.
No, yours was yellow.
No, it was BLUE. Write blue.
Fine, then what.
We went on the playground.  Then we ate snacks. Then we went to the cafeteria. So we ate lunch. I had my Spiderman lunchbox. All of my friends had Spiderman lunchboxes. Landon did. Landon had a Spiderman backpack. Then I got a new backpack. Then someone just pushed me out the Kegan.
So you played with Playdoh at the beginning and then what did Mrs. Gott say?
Criss Cross applesause, hands in your lap.  Then we played.  I played cars. I played robots.  I played fighting, played defeating, played weapons.  Then we read a story.
What story?
That story. (The same Night Before Kindergarten storybook that Honey bought him.)
So...The End...Happily Ever After.
Did Mrs. Gott teach you anything?
No she didn't teach me anything...I sat on the letter...What's your favorite letter?
I sat on the letter K.
Did you talk to anyone? You sat across from a nice boy named Isaiah.
There were TWO Isaiahs. They hit me.
So do you want to go back tomorrow?

Guess I'll have to bribe him, if I want some more details,
I'll be sure to fill you in, if what I do prevails!