Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Most fun ever - for $2

All my bloggin' buddies have flown kites with their kids so I splurged on a $2 kite from Walmart and it was windy enough to get it out this past weekend. I have to flew great.
Ace was in a state of sheer delight.
He kept trying to catch it.
He also kept running TOWARD the kite, which meant it kept falling.
Daddy got in on the fun.
Such fun.
Ace was actually flying the kite when I took the above picture. Walmart really made those things so that the little ones could do it. Every time he got it flying good, he'd let go which meant the kite went flying across the park and I had to go running after it. Mucho exercise.

"More time." That's what he says when he wants more.


Dave and Tara Harris said...

How fun! I will have to splurge on a $2 kite now!!! Ace is getting so big! We definitely have had perfect weather for flying a kite. It has been nice and windy!!! Glad to see yall enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

Anonymous said...

SO fun!!