Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who is my candidate? (NOT a Rant)

I needed a brain-break so I went to to see who matched up with my political views. It was only 17 questions long and I came out with my top politician being John McCain by 65%. I actually matched up with Clinton 52% and Obama 49%. I took another one on and came out for John McCain.

All in all, I have to believe that both candidates want what's best for our country. ("Rant" a.k.a. Opinion ALERT) I can only expect that the world will continue on its path to God's kingdom no matter the election results - and I trust Him to be in charge more so than the US president.


mommymimi said...

loved this kelly! great idea! my candidate was mike huckabee! wish he really was running! thanks for the tip! i am going to make bryan do it!!!

dogMa said...

I'm so glad there are still people that are relying on God to lead this nation instead of the "ideal" candidate. Very refreshing in a world where practically everyone wants to "be there own god."