Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jonathan's Post

I e-mailed Jonathan this morning asking him where the tv remote was for my office tv. I remembered Ace getting ahold of it last night and since Jonathan babysat yesterday evening I thought he may have seen it. No luck. Round about lunchtime today I got frustrated not having the remote and went on a hunt. I thought, "Ok, I'm Ace. Where would I have taken the remote?" I went straight to Hula's crate and...

Does Mommy know her baby boy or what?! Ace is OBSESSED with Hula and that is not an overstatement. He will NOT leave her alone. We are to the point that we are a little concerned that she will reach a snapping point but, so far, she has given us no sign of it. We just think, "if he did that to us we would swat him!" Poor Hula. At least she's not suffering from a lack of attention.

I e-mailed Jonathan telling him I found the remote and he said "You should put that on the blog." His wish is my command.