Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Liar, Lunatic or Lord?

Soooo, Bill Mar sparked my fire this morning and I think he should argue me this.....Let me first say that I didn't come up with this argument. It's from More than a Carpenter.

Let's just rationally consider who Jesus may have been. We have three choices:

Liar - People like Bill Mar might say Jesus was lying about who he was. Jesus says he is the Son of God and also God himself. Don't you think a liar would give you things that are easy to convince you of? Liars tell us that Noah couldn't possibly have gotten two of every animal into a boat nor could a man live to be 900. Those things are easy to believe. Jesus didn't say those things. Quite the opposite. That's not very effective lying. Furthermore, who would die as Jesus did for a lie. Personally, I'd break after the first whiplash. I never would have made it to the nails. Jesus died because he couldn't lie. But, let's say that Jesus isn't a liar...

Lunatic - Unbelievers may concede that Jesus wasn't purposely lying...he was just CRAZY. Really? If you would just read a passage in the Bible, you would see that Jesus' logic is flawless. Look at our world (which is evermore turning from the commandments) and see if Jesus wasn't right - that we should not murder, committ adulterly, covet, etc. Even sarcasm...and I think I'm pretty good at it...Jesus said sarcasm isn't "for me." My latest valley was steeped in sarcasm. Jesus knew that material possessions and worldly success wouldn't satisfy us...but the world says it will. Do you think a million dollars will make you happy? Yes? Jesus says it won't. I think the Lottery Winners on E! would agree with Jesus. I think Jesus' arguments and teachings are more logical than we want to believe...because believing them admits that we need him (and this world tells us that we don't need anyone).

Lord - If he wasn't lying and wasn't crazy...what if he was telling the truth? Jesus said that he is the Lord. I bet if you asked him to, he'd convince you too.

If you don't agree with me...am I crazy? Am I just a wishful thinker or an idealist? Nope. I am a rational thinker (when Ace doesn't keep me up through the night). I am convinced God has three persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I can't explain it but I won't need to once this life is past - and you won't need my explanation.


Dave and Tara Harris said...

That's awesome! You write soooo incredibly well! I love everything you wrote. AMEN!!