Sunday, September 14, 2008


These photos are unbelievable...

We took Ace to Kemah when he was just a few months old. Now the Boardwalk is flooded! And here is a picture of the storm surge.

I can't imagine what good old Noah thought when God flooded the entire EARTH! Right now, I've got a new appreciation for God's promise never to do that again.

Update: Jonathan has power! It was turned on yesterday about 2:30 p.m. (Hilary and Nathan also have power but my Aunt Barby and Uncle James do not.) We have flooding in Ace's room and it's leaking into my office but it's just water damage and that can be fixed. Apparently there is something wrong with the cover of our front porch. Hopefully tomorrow I will have photos of the neighborhood. Ace and I are planning to trek home after work.


The Bailes said...

Thank God Jonathan is okay! We have been praying for him! Glad to hear the updates...keep sending them!

1008 Blondes said...

So glad that Jonathan is okay. Sorry about the leaks in your house. Keep us updated!