Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evacuating IKE

Yes, Ace and I evacuated to San Antonio before Ike comes. After much debate about whether or not to stay or go, I made the decision to leave. We got out of town about 10am...thank goodness!

We had lots of snacks and plenty of water (see the space between the seats). Ace gobbled down all of his O's: Fritos, Cheerios and Cheetos. This was the worst traffic we faced. It was the turnoff to Austin where I think most are evacuating. Our Daddy is still at home with Hula so tonight we are a little anxious but we are also hopeful that all he'll experience is a power outage.
We miss you Daddy.


Emily said...

Ahh! That brings back such memories from the nightmare Rita evacuation a couple of years ago. 28 miserable hours on the road! I'm so glad we don't have to worry about that anymore!
Glad you guys had a quick and relatively easy time getting out. I hope Jonathan and Hula stay safe!

The Bailes said...

So glad that you guys are safe...we've been thinking about you! I think Lea tried to call Jonathan last night because he was pretty worried! We'll be praying for him and Hula to be safe!