Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holy Bachelor!

What in the WORLD?! I did NOT forsee Jillian getting the boot. She seems all-around amazing. And what was that bubbling noise in the tub with Molly at the very end? Was Jason passing gas in the bubbles? And WHAT is Chris Harrison talking about in regards to the "After the Final Rose" special? Don't these producers know that I'm supposed to rejoice in the DAY the Lord has made and not wish for the next two weeks to fast forward so that I can see the outcome of this show?!?! This is madness.

It was awful watching the extended footage of Jillian and Jason in the hot tub. Ah, my eyes! I just saw awkwardness with Molly. I'm a little tired of his moaning over not meeting Melissa's parents.

That's enough rant from me.
Good episode. Surprise ending and moan-worthy sneak peaks!


smithec said...

I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Man, I wish we could have a watch party together! Have no idea what that final rose bit is about. The Jillian in the hot tub scenes were extremely awkward - I couldn't even watch. I'm ready for him to just pick Melissa. I'll be counting down the days till the finale with you!