Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Photos!

We have a fantastic neighbor who took our family photo last year and they turned out so well, we've decided to do it every year. We took these back in November and it took me so long to pick out the ones I wanted that I'm just now getting them back.
After sweating through family photos in June last year, we decided we'd take the photos on a cooler day this time. Wise idea.
I'm so pleased with how they turned out.
Too bad they are already out-of-date with the new addition coming in August. I'm not usually one to spend money on photos but my neighbor is definitely taking the new baby's photo and our 2010 family photo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Aquarium Blast

I'm always up for a deal. The Aquarium is normally about $17 a piece (includes unlimited rides on the train, ferris wheel and carousel which is totally necessary with my little boy). That's a little steep BUT we have an "in" with a certain Cy-Fair teacher who got us a fabulous discount.
I mean, that smile tells you we had a great time on Saturday, does it not?! Oh I could just kiss that face all day!!!
Waiting for the train. Yes...two 2-year olds waiting in line AND smiling.
We rode the carousel three times. The puike-reflex is definitely less when you actually ride along.

We looked for Nemo and Dori in every tank.
MY favorite part of any Aquarium is the touch pool so I was so excited when they had lots of fish and sting-rays to touch. Ace did it twice but then preferred to keep his hands out of the water. You could crawl into this hole under the touch pool and look up at the fish. I just think his face is hilarious.
Thanks Aunt Hilary for inviting us along to take advantage of the $5 tickets. We'll join you again ANY time you want.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny Bath Story

Sorry no photo to go along with this...

I was giving Ace a bath last night when I heard little bubbles in the water. He looked at me with a surprised face and said, "Mama, I smell stunk." (translation: he smells a skunk.)
Ensuing conversation:

K: "No Ace, you smell your toots. That stinks."
He looks in the water.
A: "Where's my toots?"
K: "You can't see toots."
A: "Can't see them?"
K: "No Ace, toots are air."
A: "I see them. I see my toots."
Momentary panic that maybe he pooped in the water.
A: "See them Mommy?"
K: "Nope Ace, I just smell them. Smells like stunk. What do you say when you toot?"
A: "Cuse me."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where's Ace?

On a typical morning, I wake up at 5am and turn the heat up on the way to my office. (We like a coooooold house at night.) This morning, I didn't get OUT of bed until 7am (hey, pregnant and tired, give me a pass) and I forgot the heat so when Ace got out of bed, it was freeeeezing in the house.
So, while I made his lunch and got everything packed for school, Ace burrowed into our afghan with only his head sticking out. I wish he and I could have just crawled back into my warm bed for the rest of today.