Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny Bath Story

Sorry no photo to go along with this...

I was giving Ace a bath last night when I heard little bubbles in the water. He looked at me with a surprised face and said, "Mama, I smell stunk." (translation: he smells a skunk.)
Ensuing conversation:

K: "No Ace, you smell your toots. That stinks."
He looks in the water.
A: "Where's my toots?"
K: "You can't see toots."
A: "Can't see them?"
K: "No Ace, toots are air."
A: "I see them. I see my toots."
Momentary panic that maybe he pooped in the water.
A: "See them Mommy?"
K: "Nope Ace, I just smell them. Smells like stunk. What do you say when you toot?"
A: "Cuse me."


Anonymous said...

SO cute!!

Meredith said...

Haha!!! I'm laughing out loud. Lee 3 toots in the tub a lot too. It will be funny when he can "chat" about it :)

The Bailes said...

LOVE the stories of explaining things to kids...hahaha