Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Crazy

Our house is all about soccer right now. For the past month, with our contractor-marathon, soccer has been the only time Ace and I have gotten out of the house (Thanks to Jonathan who actually left work early so that we could make it to class twice!).
Here's Ace sporting the Greek soccer uniform that Daddy bought him when we were in Athens last year. It fits him at the perfect time. We watched Greece play Korea and Ace was excited that he was dressed just like the players on tv.
Here is Ace waiting patiently at soccer class for his coach to come throw his hula hoop so he can run after it. This is a big development - following directions.
Then a set back - not following directions. Hey, he's THREE! I wish I could just lay down whenever and wherever I wanted and rest.
This face cracked me up. I laugh throughout the entire class.
I love the last few seconds of this video. You can tell that Jonathan and I are big on praise because Ace has started to praise himself!


The Bailes said...

He has the perfect name for a famous soccer player :)