Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Loves Her Daddy!

I caught some photos of Lily Kate and her Daddy. She just loves him so.

I thought these two first photos were funny because they even opened and closed their smiles the same!

No doubt where she came from.
These days, Lily Kate likes to "wallow." Whoever is around, she wants to lay and roll all over them. She doesn't want to be cuddled or held. She just wants to sit, unhindered on your lap or roll all over you without you stopping her.

Never fear! The "scrunchy face" is still around. This one shows that she just does it to humor me these days.

Darth Vader is the newest addition to our clan. Don't worry, he's come over from the dark side and he's nice now.

Just silly days around our house. Life is sweet with these faces for company.