Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chalkboard Menu

The story of this project:
A bright idea turned obsession.
A few weeks' hard work
Turned into my prized possession!

A black frame, a little red paint, some burlap and some flowers.

This started out as a need to communicate with Jonathan about dinnertime.  Our family has undergone some dramatic changes since the move from Houston one of which is dinnertime: Jonathan actually gets home in time to eat dinner with us!!!  Another change is the fact that Jonathan has decided to run a marathon in November and he has cleaned up his diet.  As weird as it sounds, I grocery shop for the family and then Jonathan will go to the store and supplement if something isn't healthy enough.

The chalkboard lets him know what's on the menu so he can either eat with us or supplement with something healthier.  Also, he gets home about 30 minutes before the kids and I get home from the gym.  So, the chalkboard tells him what's for dinner and if he can heat it up then he can have dinner ready for the kids when we get home!

I am so excited about this.
(Credits:  Thank you Brittany for letting me use your Cameo AGAIN!   Thank you Mom for the idea of crooking the Ds all the same way.)
Notes if you want to make this: (1) BUY the chalkboard. I tried to make my own and it was a disaster. (2)Contact paper doesn't stick to chalkboard but you can arrange all of the letters how you want them, trace and come behind with paint pen.


The Windsors said...

Love the chalkboard! I may steal the idea!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!