Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dream Big - AI Weigh In

As soon as it's on sale, I'm going to buy David Cook's CD. I can't stop singing "Dream Big." I know that David Archuletta is probably going to win but David Cook is my favorite. I totally disagreed with the judges that Archuletta beat Cook in every round last night. Cook ALWAYS makes the songs his own and that is HARD. I just can't hear Archuletta playing on the radio. We may have another Hicks, McPhee/ Daughtry repeat; a flashback to my favorite season: Clay and Reuben...where the winner doesn't necessarily do the best after the competition. I wish Archuletta the best and I think he may need the win more than Cook. Archuletta has a great story and voice but Cook is my choice.

P.S. Did anyone else notice that Randy called this is competition of 2007??? Do we need to update his calendar?