Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hi and Waving!

Ok, this may be the cutest video so far. I really did not expect him to say "hi" to me much less wave! I've been telling everyone that he's going to be a basketball player because he "palms" his sippie cup (he does it at the very beginning of the video).

Little Bud is growing fast! He took two more steps on his own at daycare on Thursday and has taken one here and there about the house. It shouldn't be long now. He's also say "mumumumumumu" which qualifies in my book as "Mama."

He also loves David Cook! Just like his Mommy and Daddy. I still wish that "Dream Big" was the single although "This is the Time" already has almost a million downloads.


Dave and Tara Harris said...

How adorable. Ace is getting sooo big and he can talk really well. You can tell he's really trying to communicate. I loved it when he put his head down on your lap in the second video. That is the sweetest thing. It just makes your heart melt.