Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Halloween

Here are some pictures of our Friday night Halloween adventures.
Jonathan carved an AWESOME pumpkin for Halloween. It's a quarter of ghosts singing!!!! Maybe he missed his called as a professional pumpkin-carver.

Ace got to trick-or-treating about 6:45. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were awful.

Thank you Meme for my Halloween costume. Black spandex isn't so flattering on me anymore so I opted to add a jean-skirt to my skeleton. If I can get on the ball for next year, I'll make myself a spookier skirt.
Aunt B trooped along all night and even bought her own Frankenstein mask. Ace was pretty terrified of it so she ended up not wearing it for most of the night.
This is how trick-or-treating SHOULD be done.
Thank you Gabby and Pops for the adorable Halloween pjs. They glowed in the dark and Ace kept pointing to the black cats on his pjs and saying "Meow."

We gave away most of his candy to other trick-or-treaters but he did get a package of M&Ms and a Dum Dum on Halloween. What a fun night!