Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Little Scientist

I've got to type fast because my little scientist is waking up from his afternoon nap. Aunt B took us to the science museum this weekend and I believe it is Ace's new favorite place.
He knew ALL of the animals. Even ones I didn't know he had words for. He pointed and said "Gorilla." Who knew that was in his vocabulary??? You could hear people around us telling him "good job" or "oh my goodness" as he was proclaiming what EVERYTHING was. I claim no credit. He watches too much tv.

He wanted to be down and running from one exhibit to the next. He ran back and forth between the dinosaurs and actually said "dinosaur." He even said "lizard"!!!

The best part was not captured on film. We took Ace to the 3-D IMAX show "Into the Deep." It was pretty slow going...not nearly as action packed as Wonder Pets but once we finally got his 3D glasses on him, he reached out to touch the screen!!! So cute. Of course, I'm sure not everyone thought his constant talking and announcements were cute.
He woke Jonathan and I up at 5:15 this morning, talking to himself. He didn't quit until 6:30. Talked himself back to sleep I guess. Wonder where he gets that from???