Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's EAT!

Our breakfast room is really's really more of an empty corner at the end of the kitchen. Not great for feeding our families when they come into town. So, I've been wanting a banquette that would give our breakfast room more space and seat more if we squoosh together.
Ta Da! My wonderful husband agreed and it was installed today.
It is still awaiting cushions (to be finished shortly by the upholsterer).
You can kind of tell from this photo that he tried to match the face of the banquette to the style of our kitchen cabinets.
From above with storage lift-tops open.
I couldn't believe he even finished out the insides!
I'd say we gained about 2 more feet in the kitchen, making the space feel a lot smaller.
Now I have storage for all of my serving dishes that I rarely get to use.
Only problem: Ace's favorite place to play is the window sills. I don't know how he'll react now that he can't reach them. Hopefully we'll adapt and find another place to crash his monster trucks.
Yippee! Finally, a contractor that does a COMPLETE job that I am COMPLETELY happy with. I had almost given up hope. (Must be because he's got a lucky name: Jonathon.)


Anonymous said...

It looks SO good!!! Can't wait to see it in person in Feb!! I LOVE our banquet seating- it fits so many more people!!

smithec said...

That looks so great, Kelly! Jonathan did such a good job installing it! I'm sure you will love it!

Emily said...

That looks awesome. I love banquette seating too. I'm with Kate - can't wait to see it at GW.

Meredith said...

Love it! I was just talking about doing that in our kitchen too. Can't wait to see it...better yet, use it soon!

The Bailes said...

LOVE it! I also love your blog's new look so pretty, like a china doll! :)