Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We love Christmas around here!

We love the airplane inflatable from Honey and Sashi.
We love catching snow on our tongues.
(Though you can't even tell it was snowing in this photo!)
We love church Christmas events with pony rides.
We love our cousins!
We love a good, live manger.
We love Christmas carols and trees!
We LOVE Santa Claus.
(Santa asked what Ace wanted and Ace responded, "A present."
Duh, Santa.)
We love Christmas cookies...well, we love the icing.
And we love Christmas lights. Jonathan tooks us on a ride to see all the lights in the surrounding neighborhood this weekend and Ace went nuts. At one point he said, "Momma, we need to go find Baby Jesus...and Mommy Jesus...and Daddy Jesus." Thank goodness someone had a manger in their front yard and we found them.


smithec said...

I LOVE Ace's response to Santa!!! ha ha! Santa can be so dumb sometimes.

Dave and Tara Harris said...

Those are awesome! And I LOVE your new family photo. Your hair looks beautiful! Don't you just love Christmas time with a little one? This year is the best ever! They really get into the whole Christmas spirit! Glad to see that yall are having a great December! By the way, how is potty training going? Did he get it?

Anonymous said...

So FUN!!

Emily said...

So cute. I wish we could find a live nativity near us. The kids would love that.