Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Marry Me" Memory

If this face asked you to marry him, could you say "no"?!
Here was our morning conversation...
M = Mommy
A = Ace

M: Ace, hurry and get ready. I need to take your picture for Ms. Brittany.
A: Who's Brittany?
M: She's one of my best friends (sidenote - Ace is OBSESSED with "best friends").
A: Can I be her best friend too?
M: Sure. You're going to be in her wedding.
A: Then I be married like you and Daddy! Can I marry you?
M: No silly. I'm married to Daddy.
A: Then I'm gonna marry Mims. (Mims = Lily Kate)
M: You can't marry her, she's your sister. You have to find a best friend to marry.
A: Mommy, you're my best friend.
M: You're my best friend too. But I married Daddy because he's my best friend.
A: No! Daddy's my best friend. You can't marry him.
M: Boys don't marry boys silly. (Please, no ideological comments on this one if you disagree.)
A: Yes they do.
M: No they don't. And they don't marry their sisters either. Plus, you can't get married until you're like twenty or something.
A: Ok, Mom. I will marry you when I'm twenty.

I'm in love with him all over again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monster Jam 2011!

We had another awesome time at Monster Jam. This is definitely going to be a yearly tradition at our house. This year, it was B, Honey, Uncle James, Sashi AND Lily Kate's first Monster Truck Rally EVER.
This picture (where Ace is a blur) is pretty indicative of his behavior all night.
He was revved up the entire time.

This year, we got to Monster Jam early to go to the "Pit Party." You can get up close to the trucks and take pictures with the drivers. Here are Ace and Lily Kate with Monster Mutt.

Here's Lily Kate with El Matador. These trucks are HUGE.

Ace has the BEST Daddy in the world. Grave digger is Ace's favorite truck and as soon as we hit the pit he wanted to see it. We kind of took our time and then SAW the line for Grave Digger. I think Jonathan was in that line AT LEAST an hour if not more. Sashi entertained Ace and took him to all of the other trucks while Daddy held his place in line.

B bought Ace a Grave Digger truck which Pablo Huffaker signed.
The signature was all but rubbed off by the end of the night.
Ace got to sign one of the smushed cars that the trucks run over.
Lily Kate did awesome! She didn't even blink at having her headphones on. We sat right below some lights that fascinated her when she wasn't sleeping.
(Ugh. Sweet potatoes in the nose. No matter how much I wipe, they haunt me.)
Ace was in Heaven.
I love how much our little man is loved. Honey, Sashi, B and Uncle James all came with us and everyone's primary motivation was just to watch Ace have a good time. Can you get more loved than that?!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Boys' Night Out

Jonathan took Ace to watch the Houston Aeros play hockey last Saturday. I had big plans to get lots accomplished while they were gone but ended up sitting around with Lily Kate reading Twilight (I'm hooked now).
Their seats were right behind the goal - so that the pucks look like they are flying right at your FACE!
He came home yelling about the zamboni.
Chilly was his favorite.
(Hmmm...this is the kind of photos I get when I send Jonathan with the camera. LOL!)
They had a fun time. Ace told on his Daddy and said all he ate was popcorn and cotton candy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Talkers

Jonathan is a man of few words and, lately, that's a good thing. I guess that when he isn't in the mood to talk, I talk to the kids and have created two chatterboxes.

There's not a lot of quiet to be had around the Evans' house these days. In fact, when we tell Ace it's time to play the "quiet game," he responds, "NO! I want to play the loud game."

(He says he's a "walking stick" in this video because we've been watching "A Bug's Life" over and over and there's a walking stick in it that pretends to be a flower.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Joy of Christmas