Friday, August 26, 2011

Bet your wishin... were at our house right about now!

This is the kind of day I DREAM about.

My ingenious (and generous) employer lets everyone have every other Friday off during the summer. I typically fill these days up time for hours that I've spent changing diapers, consoling criers and wiping hinys.

Not today.

Today was a special day. Mrs. Klaassen released her chocolate chip cookie recipe to the Tyler magazine when they covered Canaan's trip to the Little League World Series and that (for me) is reason to call a household holiday.

So we TRIED our hand at it. (Walmart was out of butter-flavored Crisco. We just used regular. And I took the "ice-cream scoop" size a little too literally and one cookie will feed a family of four they are so huge.)


(And the cookies were yummy too.)

While we are on the topic of things that are in our bellies...
Yup, Ace swallowed a marble yesterday. He's told everyone from the doctor to strangers to the checkout lady at Walmart. I think it scared him pretty bad because he was hysterically crying after he did it and I didn't even spank him.

My last Free Friday of the summer. Spent with my two favorite munchkins and chocolate chip cookies. Got to tuck this one away in the memory treasure chest.


The Windsors said...

So glad you guys enjoyed making the cookies! Hope Ace's team wins the game!

Meredith said...

Can't wait to try the cookies! Thanks for sharing!